humedica headlines 2010/10/15

by Ruth Bücker, SRA,  2010/10/15

+++Africa Festival in Schwabmünchen+++What do I have to hear?+++Welcome+++Rotary Club Kempten makes donation for Pakistan+++

Africa Festival in Schwabmünchen

Tomorrow is going to be a cheerful day for Schwabmünchen. Photo: humedica

Africa is coming to Schwabmünchen, and humedica will be there, too. On Saturday, October 16, 2010, the association Solidarität Eine Welt Schwabmünchen e.V. (Association Solidarity for One World Schwabmünchen) will present various African highlights at the Pfarrzentrum St Michael in the small Swabian town of Schwabmünchen.

Besides delicious African cuisine and information stands about projects in Africa set up among others by humedica, various artists will provide an insight into African music, dances and cultures.

The festival at Pfarrzentrum St Michael at Schrannenplatz in Schwabmünchen will begin at 2pm with the exhibition “Entwicklungsland Bayern” (Developing Country Bavaria). From 3pm on, everyone interested in Africa is welcome. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

What do I have to hear?

Topics about Pakistan are more and more disappearing from the media. The longer the flood disaster dates back, the more also reports about the situation of people living in the affected regions are disappearing from public awareness.

For this reason, we would like to point out the following radio programmes to you, dear friends and sponsors. During these programmes relief team members from Pakistan and honorary assistants of humedica in general have been interviewed. The interviews are highly interesting and definitely worth listening.


Working together hand in hand. Photo: humedica

Colleagues whom you have worked with in a team and who you came to know well and appreciate a lot are leaving. But in their place new employees are starting their career with us and we are looking forward to working together with them and committing ourselves to the same objectives.

At this point we would like to take leave of Corinna Blume who has worked with us for many long years and has recently returned to her home in Hesse, Germany. We would like to wish Corinna all the best and God’s blessings for her new job and express our thanks for the excellent teamwork over the past years.

In order to reinforce the humedica team at the headquarters, we would like to extend a warm welcome to four new employees. We are looking forward to working with Gerda Lang, Annett Och, Inge Maurer and Florian Klinner

Rotary Club Kempten makes donation for Pakistan

The Rotary Club Kempten has supported the humanitarian work of humedica in Pakistan by means of a donation of 8,550 euros. Deeply moved by the expressive pictures in the media, the members made plans to help the flood victims. As a consequence numerous of the 60 club members answered the club-intern call for making a donation in order to support the needy people in Pakistan.

The collected money was then to be handed over to a humanitarian relief organisation running projects in the flood regions in the South Asian country. According to Frank Richter, the club’s treasurer, the club members already knew humedica and its reliability and expertise in the field of disaster relief and therefore the members decided to give their donations to the humedica relief project in Pakistan.

humedica has always enjoyed a good reputation in our club. The announcement of giving the donations to humedica, already increased our members’ readiness to make a donation,” said Richter, who furthermore is Chairman of the Rotary Hilfswerk e.V. (Rotary Aid Organisation), the association that transferred the donation.

On behalf of the flood victims in Pakistan, the humedica team would once more like to thank the members of the Rotary Club Kempten for their commitment. The donation will be used for targeted relief programmes in the flood project Pakistan.

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