Reconstruction aid Haiti: 2600 shelter kits distributed

by Caroline Klein/FBA,  2010/04/22

The situation in Haiti still is serious. Although after more than a hundred days of international aid, the worst injuries have been treated and many bone fractures have already healed, several ten thousand families are still homeless, without a roof over their heads.

In order to provide those families with a home once more, humedica has decided to cooperate with Habitat for Humanity, an organisation supported by the Federal Foreign Office. A few days ago, the two organisations joined forces and distributed so-called shelter kits to needy families. These kits contain important tools and materials, such as a saw, canvas, ropes and nails. Materials which are essential for the construction of a temporary accommodation.

By means of this distribution, humedica expands its support to the Haitian population beyond the provision of first medical aid. A total of 2600 shelter kits have been distributed within two days.

Transporting the shelter kits. Photo: Habitat for Humanity Germany

Jens-Peter Voss, the German Ambassador in Haiti, René Lako, Country Director of humedica and coordinator Karin Uckrow were present during a distribution in Leogane, the epicentre of the earthquake. When the delegation arrived in the city in the southwest of Port-au-Prince, they were received by the inhabitants with music and songs. The members of the delegation were clearly moved by this warm welcome.

The following distribution of relief kits was well organised and took place without any difficulties. Members of those families which were to receive a package were called by their names and they went to receive their kits. Afterwards, they took the heavy boxes with them on their motor-bikes, their bicycles or simply carrying them on their heads. Since most of them were unable to afford tools for financial reasons, they were very grateful for this distribution of building materials.

In order to ensure that this support would actually reach the poorest families, the partner organisation Save the Children had compiled detailed lists and registers beforehand.

Members of the humedica team are distributing the shelter kits. Photo: Habitat for Humanity Germany

The German Ambassador was impressed by the exceptionally efficient cooperation of all the organisations which had been involved so far. But he also said that further help was still urgently needed and that the successful distribution of the shelter kits could be considered to be a starting point for further campaigns.

This measure will by far not be the last one in the framework of the humedica mission in the earthquake region. For the next two years, humedica is planning to renovate schools and other public buildings and to carry through diverse projects which will contribute to the reconstruction of the country’s infrastructure.

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