Thank you for a wonderful (Haiti) Day

by SRI,  2010/06/14

If there is anything at all which can be considered to have marred this Sunday in Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz, then it was the overcast sky and the not particularly warm temperatures. Nevertheless, the guests all proved to have hearts full of sunshine.

There was a colourful hustle and bustle at the humedica information stand. Photo: humedica

The first humedica Haiti Day which took place quite close to the headquarters in the borough of Neugablonz in Kaufbeuren began as early as at 9am with a memorial service which was attended among others by the Haitian Ambassador to Germany, his Excellency Jean-Robert Saget.

The Haiti Day was embedded into the traditional Bürgerfest and also for the rest of the day humedica had organised a diverse programme under the motto of Haiti. People participated enthusiastically in the numerous activities and events.

While the little guests were entertained with face painting, goal wall shooting or climbing boxes, the adults were offered the opportunity of informing themselves about the commitment of humedica in the earthquake region of the Caribbean country.

Those holding presentations and reports, like e.g. Professor Dr Dr Bernd Domres (Tübingen), did by no means only look back, but they definitely also looked ahead into future. humedica will support Haiti by means of various medical projects and projects in the field of reconstruction aid until at least 2012.

The previous evening, humedica had already invited about 140 members of mission teams in Haiti to a meeting in Kaufbeuren. More than 30 honorary employees had accepted the invitation and had spent an entertaining evening in the Allgaeu.

Thank you for a wonderful day! In this way the humedica team would like to express their thanks to all those who helped and assisted during the event, and in particular to the organisers themselves.

Please continue to support our work in Haiti by means of targeted donations!

Together with the percussionist Manfred Würzner from the Allgaeu, she enchanted the guests with danceable songs from the Caribbean: the Haitian musician TiCorn. Photo: humedica

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