Coming together is the beginning of any way to help

by Ruth Bücker,  2010/07/27

Henry Ford once said: “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”. A coming together with the Mayor of the Anderamboukane Region/Mali and the founding members of Tamat e.V. took place at the end of July 2010. There, the cornerstone has been laid for keeping together and working together.

Aroudeiny Ag Hamatou – this is the impressive sounding name of the guest of honour who visited the humedica headquarters at Kaufbeuren together with Axel Weng and Joachim Schröder of Tamat e.V. And the personal background of this guest from Mali soon turned out to be just as impressive – him being the grandson of a high chief and freedom fighter of the tribe of the Tuareg.

Coming together with the objective of helping successfully: Joachim Schröder and Axel Weng of Tamat e.V., Mayor Aroudeiny and humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß. Photo: humedica/Ruth Bücker

Furthermore, Aroudeiny is one of the founding members of the UN organisation ICRA which is responsible for the protection of native tribes of Africa. An estimated number of about seven million people in African countries belong to the nomadic tribe of the Tuareg, with three million of them living in the desert areas of Mali and Niger.

At a reception by Lord Mayor Stefan Bosse at the town hall of Kaufbeuren, Aroudeiny talked about the difficulties of this tribe, and of the people of Mali in general. According to Aroudeiny, young people in particular had few future prospects, lived in poverty, suffered hunger and had neither access to clean water nor to education.

The association Tamat – Friends of the Tuareg have been committed to finding solutions to these problems since 2004. This commitment started with a school project which was planned to be run for a total of ten years. But what use are the most wonderful schools, if the children are not able to attend these schools due to malnutrition and diseases?

This question was posed by the founders of the registered association and they therefore expanded their relief measures by the fields of food and clean water in order to “help the people to help themselves”.

Now more specific relief measures are being planned in the health sector in cooperation with humedica. The humedica hospital in Kollo/Niger will serve as a basis and according to current plans for the project the medical teams working there will set out for Mali several times a year.

By means of improving health stations and by offering access to mobile hospitals, people who currently have no access to medical care will be granted this service. Furthermore training measures are being planned in order to promote the sustainability of relief measures and to ensure jobs at the hospitals for the local population.

As Stefan Bosse said so appropriately at the reception of our guests: “A good future can only be granted if there is a stable balance between both peoples and individual persons. Therefore we show great interest in supporting those who speak up for freedom and fight against injustice and poverty”.

This is the success we are striving for together with Tamat e.V.: supporting needy people in Mali by means of an effective cooperation.

Lord Mayor of Kaufbeuren Stefan Bosse, humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß and the Mayor of the Anderamboukane Region in Mali, Aroudeiny Ag Hamatou. Photo: humedica/Ruth Bücker

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