A living miracle is visiting the humedica headquarters – rescue despite live-threatening injuries

by SRI,  2010/06/15

When seeing 51-year-old Antoine from Benin, who appears much younger and is wearing his traditional African clothes, it is hard to believe that not long ago this healthy man had feared for his life: Antoine was the victim of a violent attack; he recovered his full health in Germany.

He has a series of scarred bullet holes in his thigh and a bullet was put through his left eye. Antoine Kpehounton, a border officer from the African state of Benin and father of twelve children, lived through a nightmare scenario when he was attacked by criminals who wanted to steal his car.

Wolfgang Groß welcomed Antoine Kpehounton (right) and Dr Gaspard Gbessi (left) to the humedica headquarters. Photo: humedica

Without previous warning they shot Antoine in his leg and head with a so-called pump gun and then left their helpless and heavily bleeding victim behind. The fact that Antoine has survived at all seems miraculous and the reason for this miracle is the effective first medical aid he received at the University Hospital of Cotonou (CHNHU Hospital), the biggest city of the West African country.

However, Antoine had still problems above all with his leg; it was numb and hence he had difficulties with walking. Thanks to his friend, Doctor Gaspard Gbessi (49) who is employed at just this university hospital, he was able to recover completely.

Doctor Gbessi is one of the doctors who take part in the training and further training programmes of the university and in 2009 he had already had the opportunity of attending an extensive training held by the German doctor Professor Heinrich Stiegler.

The Chief Physician of the Hospital Kaufbeuren had travelled to Benin during the past year in order to pass on his knowledge regarding so-called shunt surgeries (way of access to perform blood purifications) to his African colleagues.

During his visit Professor Stiegler also got to know Antoine and agreed on operating him for free at the Hospital Kaufbeuren. Now Antoine has been offered an opportunity for a trip to Germany, since his friend Dr Gbessi had also been invited to the Allgaeu to attend a job shadowing and hence was able to accompany him.

During a visit at the humedica headquarters the two guests express their thanks above all for the mediating support. “I am unbelievably grateful for the fact that I can go back to my family as a healthy man,” explains Antoine happily. And Dr Gbessi adds: “We felt that we were really welcome here. It is a blessing that people like Professor Stiegler pass on their knowledge to us so that we can use it in our home country”.

humedica consistently supports the University Hospital of Cotonou by means of donations in kind, consisting above all of medical devices. This support programme in Benin is carried through in cooperation with the local Association Oredola which has among others also been initiated by a doctor from Benin. Dr Koussemou has in the meantime taken over the position of the Chief Physician at the Communal Psychological Centre in Detmold.

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