Gift from the Heart 2010: also this year you can support the Christmas gift campaign

by SRA,  2010/10/14

The humedica Christmas gift campaign “Gift from the Heart” is starting into a new round: as in the previous years, the packages are to provide happiness to ten thousands of children who are living in misery without fault of their own due to poverty, diseases or wars. Thanks to “Gift from the Heart” many of these boys and girls will have a happy Christmas.

Dr Irene Epple-Waigel has taken over patronage of the campaign which is supported by the Bavarian radio station Bayerischer Rundfunk and the affiliated foundation Sternstunden e.V., as well as by numerous indispensable honorary assistants. And, after all, the gift campaign only exists thanks to your support, dear friends and sponsors of humedica. It is your support that causes the children’s eyes to shine brightly on Christmas Eve.

In 2010, the “Gifts from the Heart” will be distributed among boys and girls in Kosovo and the Ukraine, but also among needy children in Albania, Romania, Moldova, Niger, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Haiti. As has already been the case in 2009, also children from disadvantaged families in Bavaria will receive a Christmas present.

“Gift from the Heart”: also you can give joy to children in need! Photo: humedica

Preparations for this exceptional project have been running for several months. Together with the committed “Gift from the Heart” team, humedica hopes that last year’s impressive total amount of 50,000 Christmas gifts can even be exceeded this year. The more donors support the campaign, the more children will receive a surprise for Christmas.

Due to organisational reasons, we unfortunately can accept self-wrapped packages only from people living in Bavaria and southern parts of Baden-Württemberg.

This year, too, we would like to ask all of our friends and donors to support us. Because of the extensive organisational work, it is currently not feasible to expand the campaign also to the rest of Germany. We can, however, offer you to have your personal “Gift from the Heart” wrapped by our honorary assistants at the humedica headquarters.

If you would like to contribute, please transfer 20 euros per desired package to our account using the following link. With each package you pass on the joy of Christmas to a child. Each package represents one laughing child on Christmas Eve.

The humedica team would like to thank you for any kind of support.

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