What can we do with our good old Deutschmarks? Give it to humedica also in 2010

by Ruth Bücker,  2010/05/27

Last year humedica asked you, dear friends and sponsors, to take inventory of your Deutschmark stocks and to donate the Deutschmarks you still own to humedica. The total sum of 3,875 DM which before had been saved in piggy banks and other places without ever being used, will now be spent for charity purposes.

In a comfortable atmosphere humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß (left) handed over a symbolic present to the winner of the DM Campaign 2009. Photo: humedica/Steffen Richter

The highest donation was made by Peter Stiller from Augsburg. He gave 211.54 Deutschmarks for our charity purposes. When Peter Stiller visited the humedica headquarters not long ago, he said that it was above all his deceased aunt whom we had to be grateful to.

CEO Wolfgang Groß had invited the donor to Kaufbeuren in order to give him a deeper insight into the work of humedica over coffee and cake. This meeting was accompanied by many exciting stories by Wolfgang Groß with his 30 years of experience in the field of emergency and disaster relief.

During a tour of the headquarters, Peter Stiller furthermore had the opportunity of getting to know the humedica premises and he was given a unique gift: a gold-plated Deutschmark piece. With the support of Fuchs Ernst GmbH & Co. KG who plated the coin with gold for humedica at no charge, and the Kaufbeuren-based jeweller Juweliergeschäft Kleist who donated an adequate case for free, this gift could be given to Peter Stiller free of charge for his generous donation.

Dear friends and sponsors of humedica: maybe also you still possess some stocks of our old, but still valuable currency. Please also talk to your friends and relatives and send us your Deutschmarks. After the end of the campaign, we would be pleased to welcome also you to a little award ceremony at our humedica headquarters.

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