Charity in Action VI – Employees of Wanzl GmbH collect Donations For Haiti – the Company Management redoubles the Amount

by Franziska Baur,  2010/02/23

Commitment for Haiti by means of donations is continuing. As in the weeks before, we also received numerous donations last week, which enables us to help those in misery. One of these donations was made by Wanzl company in Leipheim.

The apprentices at the company had decided to donate part of the money they had collected by selling their workpieces during the annual christmas market to humedica. The company management was enthusiastic about this idea and decided to start another donation initiative on their part and to afterwards redouble the amount which would be collected.

Gottfried and Gabriele Wanzl had already started a similar initiative after the Tsunami in 2004. Due to the economic crisis, they had hesitated to realize this new commitment at first, since it was difficult to assess the employees’ reactions. However, after the employees had indicated their overwhelming willingness to make a donation – despite working on short time – the company launched a large-scale donation initiative.

Collecting boxes were set up everywhere and it was announced that every euro donated by the employees would be redoubled by Mr and Mrs Wanzl. By making small or large donations, the employees collected 12,500 euros – this amount was then redoubled by the company management to a total sum of 25,000 euros.

Wanzl company hands over the donation to Wolfgang Groß. Photo: Wanzl company/Werner Krasztinat

Everyone from apprentices to plant managers donated a sum according to their income and situation and by doing so, everyone contributed to the overwhelming total amount. As had been the case after the Tsunami, the collected sum was donated to humedica in order to support their work and efforts in Haiti.

When hearing the name Wanzl company for the first time, you might not immediately know which sector this company is active in. But we actually encounter their products almost daily. The medium-sized company from Bavaria manufactures shopping trolleys – objects we are all very familiar with and which we use – often before the weekend starts – to cart food to the supermarket checkout.

The fact that the company puts particular emphasis on consistency not only regarding its products, has been proved by former, generous donations to humedica, which have been made on a regular basis.

humedica would like to express its thanks to the company for its long-term commitment and to the apprentices for their support.

This donation is one more important contribution to supporting the survivors of the disaster.
If you also would like to help those in misery, we would appreciate your donation to the account below:

humedica e.V.
       Spendenstichwort "Erdbeben Haiti"
       Konto 47 47
       BLZ 734 500 00       Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

Please also donate online. Thank you very much.

Members of the humedica team in Haiti. Photo: humedica/Jens Grossmann

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