For Haiti: Charity in Action V – Employees of the Town of Kaufbeuren make Donations

by FBA,  2010/02/15

Even several weeks after the earthquake, the situation of the victims in Haiti is still severe. Due to the destroyed infrastructure providing people with drinking water and food remains difficult.

Peter Kloos, Chairman of the Employee Committee and his deputy Christa Schönhaar, Joachim Panhans of humedica and Wolfgang Ritzl, member of the Employee Committee (from left to right). Photo: private/Town of Kaufbeuren

In order to support the people in Haiti, employees of the Town of Kaufbeuren made a donation to humedica. The 1,885.16 euros collected in the framework of this initiative are to contribute to improving the living standard of the people and to giving them new hope.

Our colleague Joachim Panhans received the donation in form of a symbolic bag of money. When doing so, he talked about the overwhelming willingness to help among the Germans, which the humedica team has been passing on to the people in Haiti for weeks.

Joachim Panhans expressed his thanks for the donation to the employees of the town.

In order to support the region which has been devastated by the earthquake also in the long run, humedica will continue its commitment in Haiti by means of sustainable projects over the next two years.

For carrying through these mobile missions and for further long-term aid we still need your support, dear friends and sponsors. Please support us with a donation to the account below:

       humedica e.V.
       Donation reference „Earthquake Haiti
       Account 47 47
       Bank code 734 500 00
       Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

Please also donate online. Thank you very much.

The humedica relief efforts in Haiti are carried out in close cooperation with Kindernothilfe (Duisburg), World Vision (Friedrichsdorf) and Bild hilft - Ein Herz für Kinder (Hamburg) . Moreover, we are receiving support from AIR BERLIN GROUP (Berlin), GAiN Germany e. V. (Gießen), Skandinavische Kindermission, hoffnungszeichen e. V. (Singen), Apotheker ohne Grenzen Deutschland e. V., Deutsches Institut für Katastrophenmedizin (Tübingen) and last but not least by Apotheker helfen - Hilfswerk der Bayerischen Apotheker (Munich). Again, at this point, humedica wants to express its gratitude for any kind of support and the excellent cooperation.

Our special thanks goes to the Auswärtiges Amt der Bundesprepublik Deutschland (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany) for the friendly support and faithful cooperation. Working together with habitat for humanity, humedica will use the budget at its disposal to actively reconstruct houses by means of providing so-called Shelter Kits. Thank you very much.

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