IV_Remarkable support continues For Haiti: Charity in action

by SRI,  2010/02/10

The topic of Haiti is slowly disappearing from the headlines. But the misery in Haiti is still firmly anchored in the hearts of many people in Germany. They tirelessly continue supporting Haiti by remarkable actions. We are deeply grateful for this commitment and as a representative of this support we would like to present the traditional hockey club RK Rüsselsheim (Hessen).

Impressive performance both on the hockey field and in the kitchen: the junior athletes of the RKK Rüsselsheim. Photo: private/Bianca Heinz

In the past, these junior athletes of the Hessian hockey club RK Rüsselsheim have already had the opportunity to experience by themselves what can be achieved by an own initiative based on a good idea. Back then, however, it was about the survival or failure of their own club, which urgently needed funds for a second artificial turf field.

By means of highly committed and tireless work, the young people made their contribution to financing the project: supported by a restaurant they cooked and served guests and by doing so they collected a substantial amount of donations.

Moved by the sad images of Haiti and the devastating misery in the Caribbean state, the junior athletes once more remembered their idea and spontaneously found supporters: Ilka and Udo Schneider of the restaurant “Schaab Louis” in Rüsselsheim not only put their rooms including the kitchen at the young peoples’ disposal, but also all the food needed – so the total sum of donations collected during this evening could be sent to Haiti.

Supported by professional cooks, a team of eight young people aged 8 to 14 prepared the dishes and furthermore they helped with serving the guests and clearing up. And the result is highly remarkable: for their guests the athletes conjured up a three-course menu based on the traditional Haitian cuisine.

For the young people working with Ilka and Udo Schneider of the restaurant “Schaab Louis” was a lot of fun. Photo: private/Bianca Heinz

About 60 guests enjoyed the privilege of tasting these culinary delights. The young people were strongly admired for their commitment, since the guests at “Schaab Louis” donated a total sum of 1800 euros to the humedica relief programme in Haiti.

For this wonderful commitment we can only express our huge gratitude, and say thank you with all our heart. Thank you to all the young people for their compassion, their courage and their hard work during several hours. Thank you to Bianca Heinz, coach of the junior team of the RKK Rüsselsheim. Thank you to the hockey club and also to Ilka and Udo Schneider of the restaurant “Schaab Louis” for their doubtlessly substantial contribution to such a successful evening.

In the meantime the efforts of our tireless relief team in Haiti are continuing. Please continue supporting our work in the catastrophe region by donating to the account below. We need you, dear friends and sponsors, at our side in order to offer sustainable aid:
      humedica e.V.
       Donation reference „Earthquake Haiti
       Account 47 47
       Bank code 734 500 00
       Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

Or make an online donation online here. Thank you very much.

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