The stream of charity continues

by Ruth Bücker,  2010/02/02

That children and youths already have a strong sense of responsibility and readiness to help was clearly evident during fundraising campaigns at several schools. And also a theatre company from Neugablonz made a point of supporting humedica through a donation.

From 1 make 2 or more

An example of commitment: the school centre Babenhausen. Foto: humedica

The concept is both simple and impressive: the students of the school centre Babenhausen raised money for the earthquake victims in Haiti. With the support of a teacher, Mrs. Schneider-Bürzle and their parents, the 1000 children and youths managed to raise the neat sum of 6700 Euros.

In order to fulfil the motto „From 1 make 2 or more“, the priest from Lauben, Stefan Scheuerl, got involved in the campaign. His aim is to double the proceedings by asking companies from the area for their support.

He had succeeded in achieving this aim after the severe earthquake in Pakistan in the year 2005. We would like to thank him for again committing himself to the support of the humedica aid efforts and, of course, also say thank you to the girls and boys from the school, the teachers, parents and all other donors involved in this campaign.

Cake sale for Haiti

1000 Euros were raised through cake sale and donations. Thank you very much. Foto: humedica

Also the students of the Carl-von-Linde grammar school in Kempten raised money for the earthquake victims in Haiti. And handed over 1000 Euros personally to humedica last week.

The cake sale had been initiated by the student council. This has been possible also through the support of parents, who eagerly baked cakes that their children then took to school.

Thank you very much to all students, teachers and parents who participated in this campaign.

A grand appearance

Heinz Böhm, Beate Ziegler and humedica staffer Joachim Panhans. Foto: humedica/Ruth Bücker

The amateur theatre company from Neugablonz, “Theater im Turm” has 80 members. Each year, both a play for adults in spring and a play for children is performed in autumn.

Heinz Böhm, one of the founders and first chairman of the theatre company founded in 1957, decided to make a donation for Haiti, in agreement with the actors.

The amount of 500 Euros, donated out of the association’s funds, was handed over to humedica staffer Joachim Panhans last week by Mr. Böhm as well as the second chair person of the company, Beate Ziegler.

From the trainee to the boss

The donation arrived where it is needed: Elisabeth Renner, Wolfgang Groß and Georg Wiltschka. Foto: humedica/Ruth Bücker

Some of the employees of the merged Commerzbank and Dresdner Bank might be surprised when entering the company’s canteen one of these days. At the company’s branch office in Munich, an oversized piggy bank has been put up recently.

There is great hope that the piggy bank will be filled with many donations for the benefit of Haiti. The bank employees have already shown a great commitment so far.

The district manager in charge of the area Bavaria-South, Stefan Geib, took the opportunity of the annual meeting to appeal to the employees to donate for Haiti. From the trainees up to the boss, all those present at the meeting clubbed together for the aid of earthquake victims.

The managing director of the Dresdner Bank in Munich, Elisabeth Renner and the managing director of the branch office in Kaufbeuren, Georg Wiltschka, handed over the donation of 2000 Euros personally to humedica. Thank you very much.

After life-saving emergency aid, sustainable aid is also of great importance. Foto: humedica/Judith Kühl

The major part of the donations is being used for the current medical aid delivered by the humedica teams in Haiti, who are still providing medical treatment to and operating on numerous patients each day. Meanwhile, humedica is already making plans for sustainable long-term aid projects for the victims of the quakes.

Please continue to support us in our aid efforts and help us to make sustainable aid possible through a donation to the following account:
       humedica e.V.
       Donation reference „Earthquake Haiti
       Account 47 47
       Bank code 734 500 00
       Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

Or make an online donation online here. Thank you very much.

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