Flood relief in Pakistan: so far, 700 families have benefited from relief good distributions

by Sven Ramones/RBU,  2010/11/03

Besides taking medical care of the flood victims in Pakistan, one of the major tasks of humedica in the country is distributing relief goods in the flood regions. A few weeks ago, such a distribution took place in the north of Pakistan in cooperation with the German partner organisation Nehemia.

Help for thousands of people: distributions of relief goods for families that have been left destitute by the flood. Photo: Volker Baumann

Hundred thousands of people in Pakistan have lost their homes and all their belongings during the flood disaster that has caused large parts of the country to slide into misery since the beginning of August. In the middle of October, humedica and its cooperating organisation Nehemia could offer support to almost 700 needy families in severe misery by means of distributing relief goods.

After successfully helping these flood victims, the two organisations are now planning to expand their joint distribution programme. Another 1,700 families which have suffered the same fate and have lost their livelihood due to the flood, are soon to receive support in the form of relief goods.

Starting from the city of Tangi in the north of Pakistan, the latest distributions have taken place in a region where numerous houses in the surrounding villages have been destroyed. The buildings which had been build in the traditional way with unburned clay bricks have simply been swept away by the water masses.

Thanks to the distributions organised by humedica and its partner organisation, the affected families can be provided with the bare necessities for a start. A relief good set for one family contains some basic equipment including cooking utensils, soap, food, children's clothes and blankets for the imminent, cold winter in Pakistan.

The relief aid by humedica and Nehemia gives new hope to the flood victims. Photo: Volker Baumann

Even before the distribution programme, immediately after the beginning of the flood disaster, the region surrounding Charsadda, which also includes Tangi, had been the mission location of the medical teams of humedica. By means of a mobile hospital we were able to reach and offer medical care to flood victims in remote areas and villages.

Those communities that had already received medical aid by humedica were then also to be provided with urgently needed relief goods in the framework of distributions organised by our partner organisation Nehemia.

Afterwards, humedica and Nehemia have made it the joint objective of their cooperation to provide those families affected by the flood with support in the form of relief goods and medical care.

Correspondingly, further relief good distributions have already been planned to take place in the Tangi region in the north of Pakistan at the end of November. The people in this area continue to depend on our help urgently.

Dear friends and sponsors of humedica: reports about the situation in Pakistan have disappeared from the media. But nevertheless, many people in the country still need support regarding reconstruction or fighting the widespread, massive problem of undernutrition.

Almost 700 families could be provided with necessities thanks to our distributions. Photo: Volker Baumann

Please support our efforts to offer direct help to needy and suffering people in Pakistan. Your can send a text message containing the reference word DOC to +49 8 11 90, make a donation via our online form or to the account below. Thank you very much.

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