Professional soccer players support reconstruction project in Haiti

by Ruth Bücker,  2010/12/15

Ottmar Hitzfeld, Fredi Bobic und Kevin Kuranyi – those are names of soccer celebrities which are probably also known to persons who are not that interested in sports. And those are the names of three persons who – besides numerous other soccer players and sports celebrities – commit themselves to the foundation “stars4kids – Profifußballer helfen Kindern” (stars4kids – professional soccer players help children).

Large parts of the school building collapsed during the earthquake, others had to be demolished for safety reasons. Photo: humedica/Verena Göttlich

Supported by numerous German Bundesliga clubs and individual sports celebrities, the foundation based in Baden-Württemberg intends to draw attention to the misery and poverty of millions of children and young people – and to take action against it. For humedica and our relief efforts in Haiti this means in specific: 100,000 euros for the reconstruction of a devastated school in the much-shaken country.

At this time of year one year ago, the children benefiting from this donation used to visit the school of Ms Anneliese Gutmann. Ms Gutmann was born in Germany and emigrated to Haiti 30 years ago. Since then she has put all her work and efforts in providing girls and boys in Haiti with an access to education and by doing so laying the foundations for a better future.

However, the lessons had to be stopped abruptly due to the earthquake, which caused the school building to collapse. As a result 34 salaried teachers lost their jobs and 750 students no longer had the opportunity to receive school education. “30 seconds of the earthquake have destroyed my work of the last 30 years, have destroyed my life’s work,” Anneliese Gutmann summarised her situation in a resigned way at the beginning of February.

A lot has happened since then

This was ten months ago, and when humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß recently visited the project locations in Haiti, he also paid a visit to Anneliese Gutmann, the founder of the school.

Using canvas as protection from the sun, lessons could already be resumed once more. Photo: humedica/Verena Göttlich

He met a woman whose hope had returned. Parts of her life’s work had already been rebuilt and therefore the way back to school is being cleared step by step for numerous girls and boys.

So far, the activities of humedica and Ms Gutmann have been supported by “stars4kids”. The donation by the foundation of professional soccer players has already enabled humedica to take first measures and will furthermore enable the complete reconstruction of the building and additional plans regarding the children’s welfare.

Recently, the debris of the collapsed upper floor has been removed, those parts of the remaining building which were in danger of collapsing have been demolished and all the rubble cleared away – which has been no simple task in the undulating mountain region without roads that can be used by large vehicles.

Thanks to the 100,000 euros which had been collected by means of charity games, tombolas and charity events, first reconstruction measures could already be taken besides the demolishing and clearing works. The foundations have been prepared, construction plans compiled and the cornerstone for the new school has already been laid.

For several months, the 750 girls and boys have already been given the opportunity to attend classes once more in make-shift classrooms.

Thank you!

On behalf of Anneliese Gutmann, on behalf of the students and the salaried teachers who could return to their jobs and care for their families without assistance thanks to the reconstruction of the school, we would like to thank all those who support the foundation and who have made the school’s reconstruction possible in the first case.

She lives Charity in Action and does anything for her little students: Anneliese Gutmann (right in the picture). Photo: humedica

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