ERDBEBEN IN HAITI: humedica-medical team on its way to disaster area

by SRI,  2010/01/14

In these very hours on today’s Thursday, 14th of January 2010, the humedica first relief team is approaching the Dominican Republic by plane. After their arrival, the eight volunteers will travel to Port-au-Prince as quickly as possible in order to assist the people in the affected area in their great need.

At about 2am on Thursday morning, the humedica-team headed off to Frankfurt am Main. After a press conference at the airport, the plane took off for Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic at about 10am. Right now it is still unclear whether any planes can land at the international airport of the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince; therefore, a detour via the neighbouring state on the island of Hispaniola has been inevitable.

At the airport of Frankfurt, Simone Winneg informed media representatives about the humedica-mission to the disaster area. Screenshot:

The onward journey to the disaster-affected area has already been organized by the staff in the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren. First reports have already reached us from Port-au-Prince by e-mail, written by staffers from other organizations humedica is in contact with. In their reports, they confirm the massive extent of the quake.

So, Roberta Anderson from CSI Haiti wrote: "We urgently need experienced doctors who are able to carry out operations. We are lacking everything, the simplest means, let alone medication: there are no pain killers, no anaesthetics. The supply with food and drinking water is also becoming increasingly problematic."

In the meantime, preparations have been made in the humedica-headquarters to dispatch a third medical team, which will leave Germany by Monday at the latest. Apart from that, the delivery of further relief goods, especially medical supplies, has been prepared.

Unfortunately, from what we have learnt so far, we can only confirm the statements given by numerous experts in the media who are talking of a disaster on an apocalyptic scale. Already before the devastating quake, there could be no talk of the existence of an efficient infrastructure in the different fields of public life. Today, people in Haiti are paralyzed by shock, pain and grief.

Our volunteers will do their best not only to arrive in the disaster area as soon as possible but also to provide concrete help. We would like to kindly ask all of you to support us by making a specific donation according to your own possibilities.

humedica e. V.
Reference „Erdbeben Haiti"
Account 47 47
BLZ 734 500 00
Sparkasse Kaufbeuren


According to estimations, about three millions of Haitians have been affected directly by the earthquake. Experts estimate that there are thousands of dead and even more people injured. Foto: REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz.

The humedica-relief mission is carried out in cooperation with Kindernothilfe (Duisburg) and the support of hoffnungszeichen e. V. and Apotheker helfen e. V. - Hilfswerk der bayerischen Apotheker (relief organization by Bavarian pharmacists).

Note for representatives of the media: If there is any interest, the medical team will be available for telephone and live-interviews. For further information, please contact humedica-press spokesman Steffen Richter.

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