EARTHQUAKE IN HAITI: humedica dispatched more than 100 tons of relief supplies to disaster zone

by SRI,  2010/01/18

Practical medical help provided by experienced professionals is just one of the components of the humedica emergency aid. Our medical aid workers could do little without relief supplies like medical equipment and, above all, medication. Thanks to the support of many companies and institutions, humedica has so far been able to dispatch 100 tons of relief material to Haiti.

Providing medical aid on a large scale is only possible when necessary equipment and medication are available. Foto: humedica/Jens Großmann

27,5 tons of infusion solutions and devices as well as 72,5 tons of food as, for example, baby food (provided by GAiN Germany e. V.), tents, camp beds and further medication. We are grateful for the numerous donations in kind and the unbureaucratic help of many companies and institutions that are providing massive and targeted support to our aid efforts in Port-au-Prince.

Companies keeping their gates open round the clock, business owners personally putting together relief packs and taking them to the airport, clinic staff working overtime hours…this certainly cannot be taken for granted. Another example is the commitment shown by the organization GAiN Germany e. V. from Gießen, who not only provided relief goods but also arranged people and trucks to transport the goods to Düsseldorf airport.

Among others, we would like to thank:

Stadtapotheke (town pharmacy) Kaufbeuren, the hospitals in Kaufbeuren, Marktoberdorf and Füssen, the companies Firmen Medida, Spreen - Online Trading and Delta Select.

At this point, we would also like to express our heartfelt thanks to all supporters of our relief deliveries who have not been mentioned so far. We will continue this list und publish the names of further in-kind donors and supporters.

By now, the Airbus A330-200 provided by AIR BERLIN GROUP has left Düsseldorf airport. On board there is the third humedica relief team of 16 as well as 30 tons of relief supplies including medication, medical equipment, food (e.g. baby food), tents and other donations in kind.

30 tons of relief goods were loaded at Düsseldorf airport. Foto: Flughafen Düsseldorf

Please continue to help humedica carry out all aid measures planned by making a specific donation to the following account:
       humedica e. V.
       Reference „Earthquake Haiti"
       Account 47 47
       Bank code 734 500 00
       Sparkasse Kaufbeuren


The humedica relief efforts in Haiti are carried out in close cooperation with Kindernothilfe (Duisburg), World Vision (Friedrichsdorf) and Bild hilft - Ein Herz für Kinder (Hamburg). Moreover, we are receiving support from AIR BERLIN GROUP (Berlin), GAiN Germany e. V. (Gießen), hoffnungszeichen e. V. (Singen), Apotheker ohne Grenzen Deutschland e.V. and Apotheker helfen e. V. - Hilfswerk der bayerischen Apotheker (Munich). Again, at this point, humedica would like to say thanks for any kind of support and the excellent cooperation.

Media interest was intense when the relief goods were loaded and the humedica-team took off to Haiti. Foto: Flughafen Düsseldorf

Note for media representatives: If there is any interest, the medical teams will be available for telephone and live-interviews. For further information, please contact humedica press spokesman Steffen Richter.

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