Donation platform helpdirect develops a ranking system for relief organisations

by SRI,  2010/09/07

Transparency is one of the most important features of any respectable relief organisation depending on donations. Open communication has been an essential objective of humedica since 1979. By means of its so-called “HelpRank” system, the internet platform now provides a nearly perfect overview of German organisations.

Donors certainly have the right to know what their donations are used for, what administrative costs amount to, and how the organisation’s work is assessed by external institutions or experts in the field. In order to meet these requirements and objectives, more and more certificates, seals of approval and declarations have been introduced. As a result it has become difficult to maintain a clear overview.

The admirable development called “HelpRank” is not another additional ranking system for the public, but by means of a simple point system it shows the transparency degree of different organisations’ operations in a very clear way.

The more transparency an organisation can provide, the higher is its “HelpRank”. The weighting of the individual ranking criteria is determined depending on their degree of importance within the field and for the broad public. The maximum rating is 10 points.

This description may still sound complicated, but helpdirect explains the ranking system on its own web pages by means of various examples.

If an organisation has been awarded the seal of approval by DZI (German Central Institute for Social Issues), is a member of Spendenrat (German Donation Council), and has been given the Transparency Award, it receives 9 of 10 possible “HelpRank” points. If another organisation cannot produce any of these test structures, does however provide a business report, its statutes and information about projects to, it receives 3 of 10 points according to “HelpRank”.

We would like to invite you to use “HelpRank” regularly. Furthermore we are very pleased about the fact that we have achieved a maximum rating of 10 “HelpRank” points. For us, the trust of our friends and sponsors is very important. Thank you for all your support.

For every project, compiles a list of committed relief organisations; the “HelpRank” value they have achieved is listed next to the organisations’ names. Screenshot:, 2010/09/06

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