Nine shipping containers full of confidence donated by Medline

by Ruth Bücker,  2010/03/18

The willingness to donate for Haiti does not stop and humedica is very grateful for this fact and also impressed by it again and again. Furthermore we have also been receiving amazing support for further projects in progress both by individual persons and companies. One of those companies is Medline Germany GmbH.

Michael Koch, CEO of Medline Germany GmbH during his visit at the humedica headquarters. Photo: humedica/Joachim Panhans

Medline Germany GmbH is an internationally active company which has dedicated its work to optimising the treatment of patients and increasing the living standards of those receiving the treatment. The fact that the company has made its large-scale donation to humedica, and by doing so puts its trust in us to represent its values, is a great honour.

The goods the company has donated to humedica amount to a total value of about one million euros. The purpose of use is to be chosen by humedica. “Your employees know best in which countries the donated materials are needed most urgently and can be used most efficiently”, said Michael Koch, CEO, during his visit at the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren.

Among other things the relief shipments contain sterile dressings to be used during surgeries, surgery clothing and gloves for medical staff, anti-bacterial cloths for “washing the patients without water” and much more medical equipment.

CEO Koch has already proved his social consciousness various times in his private environment. So, for example, when he initiated a collected for children in Cuba among his own friends and acquaintances and then had to explain to the custom’s officer at the immigration counter why he alone wanted to take seven trunks with him to Cuba.

Together with 11 German colleagues he now demonstrated that this commitment for charity purposes exists throughout the entire company. The humedica team would like to express their thanks also on behalf of all the people who will benefit from this donation in kind.

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