Diary from Haiti: 2010/02/22 – Continuing Aftershocks

by Ruth Bücker/ FBA,  2010/02/23

After I got up this morning, Inna Warkentin who works as a nurse for humedica and who has in the meantime become the driving force for cooperation in the hospital asked me, whether I had also felt the earthquake at night. I had not noticed anything, but this should not be the last time this happened to me over the day.

Shortly before midday, Inna called us from the Hospital of Hope and told us that panic was spreading among the patients. In the course of this morning, two more aftershocks took place, one of them of magnitude 4.5 on the Richter scale.

When the earth started trembling, people fled from the hospital building in panic and assembled in the yard, where many inpatients have been accommodated in tents. Even hours after the earth had stopped shaking, the patients refused go back into the building. Their fear is too deep seated – even during relatively weak aftershocks the first and only reaction of the people is to run outdoors.

Tents as shelter during the wet season. Photo: humedica/Ruth Bücker

In order to accommodate all the frightened patients outside the hospital building, we built a large tent with the assistance of several interpreters and other people. Even more patients have now been accommodated in the hospital yard. It is becoming more and more difficult to find shelter outdoors, since the wet season is approaching.

The nightly rain showers which become more and more frequent are the first reminder of this event. They make it clear how important it is to build enough shelters now.

For me, it was strange to hear that there had been weak aftershocks I had not even noticed. Inna highly sensitively felt every slight vibration of the earth. Therefore, for me she has taken over one more function besides the numerous other tasks she fulfils here: she has become my personal seismograph.

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