Diary from Haiti: 2010/02/19, Visit at a Children’s Home

by Ruth Bücker/ FBA,  2010/02/19

After this long day, during which somehow everything went wrong, and after I had returned to our accommodation disappointed and also sad, Susanne Merkel, the member of the humedica team responsible for family sponsorships, suggested exactly the right thing to do: together we visited a children’s home in Delmas, which offers a home to both disabled and healthy children.

The children surrounded and hugged us and took our hands. They smiled at us, laughed and were remarkably open-minded towards us from the beginning and wanted to play with us.

Members of the humedica team with children. Photo: humedica/Ruth Bücker

Altogether, 81 boys and girls live at this children’s home. 29 of them are disabled physically and/or mentally. The home is financed solely by means of donations and the commitment of a large number of volunteers. Luckily, many of the children still have parents. But as they come from very poor families, they are taken in and cared for by the children’s home in accordance with the social welfare office in “Village of Hope”.

After the disappointments and efforts of this day, playing with the children and making them laugh cheered me up considerably. And it was not only me making them laugh, but also the other way round; the children made me laugh just as much – if not even more.

It was a wonderful encounter which gave me an unbelievable amount of strength which I could take back with me to Quesqueya School.

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