Diary from Haiti: There are still miracles

by Judith Kühl,  2010/01/28

She coordinates the journalistic work of the media representatives accompanying our team, arranges interviews, relieves the other coordinators and reports on the aid work by herself as in this “diary from Haiti”. Judith Kühl, reporting from a destroyed city, between hope and fear.

27th January, 2010, 17.20 local time

The three humedica teams in the cities of Port-au-Prince and Leogane have their hands full. The range of the single hardships is wide.

Also outside the city of Port-au-Prince, coordinator Dieter Schmidt is faced with massive damage. Foto: humedica

Yesterday, for example, a child with a skull fracture was brought to us that had been lying in a coma at home for the past two days. “It is a miracle that the child is still alive with such a serious injury”, says humedica nurse Sabine.

With our help, it was possible to immediately transport the child to a special clinic where it underwent surgery. Besides new patients, people are coming to the hospitals to receive aftercare after parts of their body had to be amputated due to the earthquake.

Other patients whose condition is unstable are being nursed day and night by the humedica staff and a local team. During the past two days, the number of patients with chronic diseases coming to obtain treatment has increased, many of them are children.

Help for the earthquake victims is still urgently needed. Our team, which meanwhile consists of 18 doctors, nurses and paramedics, is complemented perfectly by four team members from MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières).

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