Vincentinum Hospital donates children’s beds for Togo

by Franziska Baur,  2010/05/12

At the end of April, the Vincentinum Hospital Augsburg donated ten children’s beds to humedica. This donation could be made “thanks to” a change in regulations in Germany.

Since chilren’s beds in German hospitals are to be some centimetres longer in future, the Vincentinum Hospital donated ten of the smaller children’s beds to humedica. Those benefiting from this donation will be patients in Togo. humedica will send the beds to the West African country in cooperation with PiT-Togohilfe e.V.

There, the beds will be brought to a bush hospital in Ogaro, a small and very remote village in the North of Togo. Ten years ago, two catholic nuns founded this health institution and they have recently started building an annexe which will house a ward for malnourished patients.

Collecting the children’s beds at the Vincentinum Hospital Augsburg. Photo: humedica

The children’s beds are to be set up in the new annexe, which is financed by PiT-Togohilfe. Many of the future patients are weak and have to be treated due to life-threatening malnutrition. Furthermore, the trip to a hospital in town is too expensive for many families and hence, the new annexe including the children’s ward is needed urgently in order to grant medical care close to the families’ homes. Mothers will be able to have their children and themselves examined more easily and they will receive consultation and support.

In order to inaugurate the new annexe, the two nuns are now only waiting for the last children’s beds from Germany. After the arrival of the shipping containers, the hospital ward will be furnished and equipped completely and the first small patients can be taken in and treated.

humedica would like to thank the Vincentinum Hospital Augsburg – also on behalf of the PiT-Togohilfe and of the patients who will recover in these beds. This donation is a contribution to the effort of changing the lives of many ill and needy people. In order for us to be able to ship containers with urgently needed relief goods to all parts of the world also in future, we would also like to ask you to support these efforts in Togo by means of a targeted donation.

      humedica e.V.
      Donation reference "Togo"
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

Please also donate online in order to support our project partner in Togo. Thank you very much.

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