humedica does not leave families out in the rain

by Ruth Bücker,  2010/06/28

Immediately after the earthquake, humedica employee Susanne Merkel started to compile lists of Haitian families for the humedica family sponsorship programme. When she visited the Caribbean state herself at the beginning of February, she had the opportunity of assessing the situation and the possibilities of taking action– and these possibilities are now exploited to support the people in Haiti.

Being the company spokesman of the supermarket chain V-Markt, Sylvester Greiter was given the honorable task of handing over 300 donated canvas covers to humedica employee Joachim Panhans. Photo: humedica/Steffen Richter

In cooperation with the management of the Hospital of Hope and humedica employee Marianne Lako, 34 families could already be registered and sponsorships for 280 persons have been concluded. These persons are now provided with sufficient food, dishes, clothes and school material.

Besides the donors who take over sponsorships, we also frequently receive support from companies based in the Allgaeu region. Thanks to a generous donation of V-Markt in Kaufbeuren we are able to set up emergency shelters for another 150 families.

The company spokesman of V-Markt, Sylvester Greiter himself, was present when the 300 donated canvas covers were handed over. They have then been transported to the humedica warehouse, where they will be prepared for shipping and to finally sent to Haiti.

On behalf of the benefiting families the entire humedica team would already like to express their thanks for this donation. This is not the first time V-Markt G. J. Kaes GmbH supports the work of humedica.

Besides the persons who have been registered up to now, new families who need our help are registered on a daily basis. We would also like to ask you to take over responsibility for these people together with us and to become a sponsor. Or support us with a one-time donation to the account below:
      humedica e.V.
      Donation reference "Family sponsorship Haiti"
      Account 47 47
      Bank code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

You can also support humedicaby means of an online donation or you can help us to make great achievements by means of a short text message.
You only need to send DOC to the abbreviated dialling +49 8 11 90 and support us with a one-time donation of 5 euros, with 4.83 euros of this amount being directly channelled into the humedica project work. Thank you very much.

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