BREAKING NEWS: Strong aftershock caused massive damage to clinic- patients evacuated – humedica relief teams unharmed

by Ruth Bücker,  2010/01/20

We were shocked when news reached us about a new earthquake in Haiti. First, we were informed that all members of our teams are alive and well and that houses remained largely intact. Shortly after that, however, our coordinator told us that the “hospital of hope” had suffered severe damage and is in danger of collapsing; therefore, all patients have been evacuated.

Because of the violent aftershock, all in-patients had to be evacuated. The situation has aggravated dramatically. Foto: humedica/Jens Großmann

“We got a rude awakening”, Simone Winneg told us on the satellite phone. “The ground was shaking violently, yet fortunately, we managed to get outside quickly.” At that time, the coordinator was not able to estimate the extent of the damage at the “hospital of hope”, since the aid workers are accommodated in a nearby school.

Only short time later, however, the news reached us, again on the phone, that the hospital was partly damaged and that, after the recent shocks, the danger of collapsing had increased severely. All in-patients had to be evacuated immediately and are now lying in tents or under the open sky.

The magnitude 6.1 aftershock has aggravated the situation in the area where our teams are working immensely and, judging by the first reports, caused further damage in Port-au-Prince.

At least, the third humedica relief team consisting of 16 medical aid workers has arrived in Port-au-Prince. We are expecting the teams to meet soon. Another positive news is that further relief supplies are now available in the disaster zone, among them urgently needed medication and bandages.

Please continue to help humedica carry out all aid measures planned by making a specific donation to the following account:
       humedica e. V.
       Reference „Earthquake Haiti"
       Account 47 47
       Bank code 734 500 00
       Sparkasse Kaufbeuren


The humedica relief efforts in Haiti are carried out in close cooperation with Kindernothilfe (Duisburg), World Vision (Friedrichsdorf) and Bild hilft - Ein Herz für Kinder (Hamburg). Moreover, we are receiving support from AIR BERLIN GROUP (Berlin), GAiN Germany e. V. (Gießen), hoffnungszeichen e. V. (Singen), Apotheker ohne Grenzen Deutschland e.V. (Munich), Skandinavische Kindermission, Deutsches Institut für Katastrophenmedizin (Tübingen), and Apotheker helfen e. V. - Hilfswerk der bayerischen Apotheker (Munich). Again, at this point, humedica would like to say thanks for any kind of support and the excellent cooperation.

Note for media representatives: If there is any interest, the medical teams will be available for telephone and live-interviews. For further information, please contact humedica press spokesman Steffen Richter.

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