Further heavy rainfalls are causing the water level to rise again

by Ruth Bücker,  2010/08/07

Estimates vary regarding the number of people affected by the disastrous floods in Pakistan: while the government is talking about more than ten millions of victims, estimates of the United Nations amount to a number of four millions of people who need to be provided for. The actual and sad number of victims probably amounts to a figure somewhere between these estimates.

After a part of the masses of water has seeped into the ground and a further part of it has evaporated due to the heat, another series of heavy rainfalls have caused the river levels to rise again. The situation seems to be aggravating once more.

After talking to the government, members of the humedica team in Pakistan are reporting that also the government is very much afraid that the situation in the country will deteriorate once more. Evacuation plans are being compiled in order to take the inhabitants among others of the town of Charsadda to safety in the case of further flooding.

Monsoon rains are still expected to fall for the next two to four weeks. According to the humedica team, an improvement of the situation is not yet in sight. Even the flood which had already slowed down a little had been strong enough to carry along objects out of the rooms and houses and now everything is covered by a thick layer of mud.

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Together we are able to help the victims of the flood in Pakistan. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your support. Photo: humedica/Ferdinand Hofer

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