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by Steffen Richter,  2010/12/21

Brazil is one of the nations worldwide with the strongest economic growth. The country is experiencing a boom which many people benefit from – and even more suffer from. This is a trend that can be seen in many economically striving countries: broad society is split up into two classes. While on the one hand some people become ever wealthier, on the other hand numerous people slide into ever-more existence-threatening poverty.

In their efforts to cope with their life in poverty, family Mendes da Silva is being supported by the humedica Family Sponsorship Programme. Photo: humedica

By means of a sustainable Family Sponsorship Programme, humedica offers many families an escape from the vicious circle of poverty – in Brazil and other countries for families such as for example the Mendes da Silva family.

They are trying to survive, to take advantage of all possibilities they have. They are hard-working and brave and they gain hope even from the smallest progress. And nevertheless, they literally seem to be stuck in a vicious circle of poverty and a lack of perspective. There seems to be no way out, no sustainable changes, no opportunity!

Two bright girls, a boy and the two parents who make every effort they can. Family Mendes da Silva is a typical example for the life of many people in the region of Nova Friburgo north of Rio de Janeiro. They live in huts of corrugated iron that are leaning to sandy hillsides.

Every rainfall is a direct threat to thousands of people. While father Joilson tries to make a living working at construction sites or hewing stones, his wife works as a household aid for a rich family in the city. They try everything in order to escape the vicious circle.

Above all their children are to have a better, fairer future. Caroline (9 years old), Karolaine (11 years old) and Wesley (15 years old) are not only taken care of and provided for at the day care centre of humedica, but here professional and skilled employees also provide them with a basis for escaping poverty.

They receive help with their homework and gain special skills by means of attending targeted courses e.g. in the fields of languages, computer or crafts – skills which will make a difference for the children in later life.

Targeted courses will make a difference in the children’s later lives and give them the opportunity for living a better future. Photo: humedica

Many of the about 250 children coming to the day care centre daily have already been included in the humedica Family Sponsorship Programme.

Besides the numerous offers at the day care centre, this targeted support furthermore enables us to provide the families with food, drugs, dental care, psychological care, legal advice, clothes and other things needed in every-day life on a regular basis.

These Sponsorship Programmes create another precondition for escaping the circle of poverty: they take the most existential concerns off the families’ shoulders. For many people the sponsorships are the beginning of future. A better future. Now. Today.

Please support families such as the Mendes da Silvas by means of taking over sponsorship. Ten euros per month will actually change people’s lives. Furthermore we would also like to point out our project work e.g. in Nova Friburgo.

Please support our work by means of a targeted donation:
      humedica e.V.
      Donation reference “Family Sponsorship Programme
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

You can also support our projects by means of sending a text message: send a text message containing the reference DOC to +49 8 11 90. You will be charged 5 euros, with 4.83 euros of this amount being channelled into our project work. You can also make a contribution by donating for the Family Sponsorships via our online form.

On our homepage you can find further information about our Sponsorship Programme, about the families taking part and an application form for taking over a sponsorship in Brazil or our other sponsorship countries Ethiopia, Haiti and Sri Lanka.

Education is the basis for a better future: thanks to German family sponsors Karolaine and Caroline can attend school, receive regular meals, have a roof over their heads and clothes to wear. Photo: humedica

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