“Experiences after my return have been very touching”

by Ruth Bücker,  2010/04/12

After Dr Michael Brinkmann had returned from Haiti at the beginning of February 2010, he did not have a quiet minute to himself for quite a long time – but in a positive way. The admirable commitment, eagerness to learn and motivation of a large number of pupils kept him permanently busy. He showed pictures made during his mission with humedica at five different schools, held presentations and answered questions.

With sensitivity and understanding, Dr Michael Brinkmann told the young people about the partly sad experiences he had had in Haiti. Photo: humedica/Michael Brinkmann

Six days after the devastating earthquake had shaken Haiti, Dr Michael Brinkmann travelled to Port au Prince together with twelve more doctors, chemists and nurses.

For two weeks he worked at the Hospital of Hope, treated terrible injuries. He observed and lived through situations which are partly hard to overcome. But nevertheless, he did not hesitate even one second to tell the interested pupils about his experiences.

“I was positively surprised by the commitment and motivation the pupils showed with regard to this topic. By means of an own initiative the school announced a Haiti Day, posters were designed and a bazaar was organised in this framework. By selling pizza during the school breaks money was collected which was then donated to humedica and will be used for projects in Haiti”, reported Dr Brinkmann deeply moved.

By an own initiative of the pupils of the Gymnasium Altendorf Troisdorf alone, 1,800 euros could be collected to support the work of humedica in Haiti. And also the pupils of Alfred-Delp-Realschule in Mondorf in the Rhein-Sieg district impressed the general practitioner: they collected 1,300 euros for Haiti under the motto “Every Euro Counts”.

“It was impressive and very important for me to see that I was able to reach the young people and that they are themselves prepared to broaden their horizon. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you can help young people becoming more aware of what is happening in the world.

During an own initiative pupils of Gymnasium Altendorf Troisdorf collected for Haiti. Photo: humedica/Michael Brinkmann

I thought it also very touching”, the doctor continued “that the pupils attending the fifth grade sent me pictures and letters after my presentation. This has been the first time I have received presents. And I would like to thank the pupils.”

The humedica team would at this point like to follow Doctor Brinkmann’s example and also express their thanks for all the campaigns most of which could unfortunately not be mentioned in this article due to their large number. The fact that so many people in so many places are willing to help those in misery is indeed very motivating.

We would also like to ask you to continue supporting our various projects by means of a targeted donation to the account below. Thank you very much.
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Please also donate online for the victims of the earthquake.

Letters to Dr Michael Brinkmann (in German)

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