Zimbabwe: Long Road to Restoration

by Heidi Nicklin/Rosalyn Hoppe,  2009/06/24

We have now been in this beautiful country for well over two months. Despite its wealth in diamonds, Zimbabwe at present is struggling to restore its economy.

With the help of humedica, the German Foreign Office and action medeor, we have been successful in supplying all ten mission hospitals with much needed basic medical drugs and equipment.

These rural clinics have not been receiving medical drugs from the national government for over a year. There was tremendous suffering among the population in these far lying rural areas.

We have been successful in supplying all ten mission hospitals with much needed basic medical drugs and equipment. Photo: Corinna Blume/humedica

Due to the ongoing dire financial situation in the whole country, and the limited availability of the US Dollar in the rural areas, the sick have little or no opportunity of receiving treatment in the next larger towns.

Therefore, the restoration of the rural mission hospitals is of great importance to the wellbeing of the local population.

Other organisations and individuals have become aware of our project. During the last few weeks we have received many requests from a number of other mission clinics.

Mainly Anglican and Methodist, as well as private individuals and doctors, who volunteer in their free time to help the needy (children´s homes, albinos). We were able to help with donations from humedica.

With special interest, we came to know about a project initiated by the newly founded Heal Africa Trust in the township of Sakubva. In this high density suburb of Mutare people are living in extremely poor conditions, without sufficient water supply and sanitary facilities.

The population is suffering due to malnutrition and HIV/AIDS. Most cannot afford the US$ 6 consultation fee at the hospital.

A group of volunteers have committed themselves to help those most in need among the children with at least one warm meal a day.

The feeding point for these children is situated in a central location within the suburb. Simultaneously, the Trust has started a mobile clinic to reach out with medical aid to the sick, especially to the children.

Therefore, at least a fraction of the suffering population can receive medical attention. As far as we were able, we provided the mobile clinic with humedica donations.

The population is suffering due to malnutrition and HIV/AIDS. Photo: humedica/Heidi Nicklin

We recently had a humedica medical team in Harare working together with Prison Fellowship International in two of the capitals prisons (Central and Remand prisons).

For well over a week the team of six doctors and nurses, under the leadership of Dr. Wolfgang Riske, were able to treat the prison inmates. Many ailments are the result of malnutrition, fungal infections and HIV/AIDS.

Fortunately, we have been able to actively help in a number of various areas. Additionally, there is yet a lot more to be done in the next phase of the project.

On the one hand, we will be accompanying the hospitals in their outreach programmes as well as distributing food items to substitute the feeding of the in-patients in the hospitals. And on the other hand, we will continue distributing medical drugs.

The extreme need is ongoing and the support from donors in Germany and worldwide is still very much appreciated.

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