Zimbabwe: First Impressions

by Heidi Nicklin/Rosalyn Hoppe/SRI,  2009/04/24

At the end of March, after a short but very intense preparation time at humedica headquaters in Germany, we started our journey to Zimbabwe. We were met by two Carmelite nuns, Sister Euphrasia Chaza and Sister Anurite Manyahi, at Harare´s international airport.

Rosalyn Hoppe at the arrival of the first container. Photo: humedica/Heidi Nicklin

Sister Euphrasia is the responsible coordinator for our partner organisation, CADEC (Catholic Development Commission) in Mutare.

Sister Anurite is a trained nurse and is CADEC´s health coordinator. She is working together with us as health supervisor, as she did previously with Janika Simon in the first phase of this relief programme.

After a three hour journey from Harare to Mutare, we first stayed with the nuns in their convent. Over the next few days we were able to enjoy their good food.

Within the first days we were also able to meet Bishop Alexio Muchambeiwa and Bishop Patric Mutume from the Mutare Diosese. Both are extremely supportive of our work here.

We had barely arrived, when the first two containers with almost 25 tons of medical relief goods were on their way to Mutare by train. Therefore, we were immediately confronted with our first challenge in logistics.

Thanks to overwhelmingly supportive help, we were able to unload, sort and secure all the goods in both containers in only two days.

Unloaded relief goods. Photo: humedica/Heidi Nicklin

We are expecting the arrival of two further shipments of medical relief goods within the next few weeks. Therefore, we have started distributing the urgently needed medicines to the 10 mission hospitals in Manicaland. We have had to travel to very remote rural areas, such as Nyanga and Marange. The scenery on route is spectacular and in places breathtaking.

We were joyfully welcomed at all the hospitals. The nurses, most of whom are nuns, eagerly helped unload the small amount of goods we are able to transport in our pickup-truck.

Before we were able to start our trip back, we had to promise to return as soon as possible with a truckload of medical supplies.

We were equally welcomed at the two children´s homes, where we also delivered relief goods.

There is still a need for basic medical supplies, as well as an extremely urgent need for medication to treat Malaria.

The population, especially in the rural areas, is still suffering due to lack of food availability and basic medical supplies. Therefore, support from local and international aid agencies remains an ongoing necessity.

humedica would like to ask for your support so that we can continue this important work in Zimbabwe.

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Or through an online donation: Aid for Zimbabwe.

Every form of support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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