Zimbabwe: the first 1000 "Gifts from the Heart" distributed

by SRI,  2009/11/24

For more than one year, humedica has been active in the field of medical relief aid in Zimbabwe; as many as ten health stations and small hospitals have been and are being provided with drugs. And the extent of help is even broader: in the framework of the humedica Christmas gift campaign, one thousand children received presents, and another two thousand are going to follow.

In Zimbabwe, the "Gifts from the Heart" are distributed in small bags and, as is the case everywhere the campaign is implemented, the children are incredibly happy. Photo: humedica/Karin Uckrow

School books, rice, hygiene articles, a towel and toys: many of the 1000 orphans in Tombo (Manicaland/Zimbabwe) who have received presents so far, could hardly believe their eyes when their names were called out by the employees of our local partner Regina Coeli Mission and they were given their personal "Gift from the Heart" (in Zimbabwe contained in a bag for organisational reasons).

Although there were still about four weeks to go until Christmas, for the children this day was the best festival in their lives. "I could attend the two distributions in Tombo in person", told the humedica coordinator in charge, Karin Uckrow. "Everything was carried through very efficiently and with a lot of motivation. The children were incredibly happy about their presents".

Further distributions will follow in the region. The distributions in Zimbabwe are the kick-off event of Christmas gift distributions in various different recipient countries in Europe, Africa and South America. All the children will receive their "Gifts from the Heart" over the next few weeks, on time before Christmas Eve.

At this point we would like to thank all the Christmas gift donors, our honorary assistants, Sternstunden e.V., the radio station Bayerischer Rundfunk and all our other supporters for their wonderful commitment. Here, you can find further information about the campaign: www.geschenk-mit-herz.de

1000 gifts have been distributed so far; another 2000 will follow until Christmas Eve. Photo: humedica/Karin Uckrow

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