Sri Lanka: Good news for sponsored families and other fishermen

by Susanne Merkel/SRI,  2009/06/29

After a long time, we have finally received some good news from Sri Lanka, a country that, until few weeks ago, had been torn by a brutal civil war and where still several hundred thousand are on the run: A few days ago, the permission for fishing round the clock was given back to people.

After the tsunami, humedica had supported 1.250 families by providing them with boats. Photo: humedica

This is supposed to be good news? To the layman, this may sound strange. Yet for professional fishermen being allowed to lay out their nets at specific hours, especially during the night, is essential.

During the civil war this was forbidden, a restriction that caused hunger and extreme poverty among many families. Safety regulations imposed by the military limited the fishing to certain days of the week and certain areas in the immediate vicinity of the coast.

The use of motorboats was forbidden; therefore, people went fishing with the traditional wooden catamaran-boats that have been used for many centuries. The yield was poor.

The massive relaxation of the regulation increases the likeliness of a good catch enormously; also for those families that humedica had supported with boats after the tsunami disaster.

After the disaster, 20.000 people had received immediate medical care from humedica. Moreover, our teams had been directly involved in the reconstruction works, with the support of several projects.

In the course of our tsunami aid, 1250 boats had been given to poor fishermen’s families. At present, there are approximately 300 sponsors supporting about 400 Sri Lankan families.

If you would like to help, too, you can become the sponsor of a family or a single person. A small step for you can have a great effect for people in need. Thank you so much.

Please continue supporting our varied project work by means of specific donations. People in Sri Lanka are still in desperate need of help. Heartfelt thanks.

For numerous families fishing is the foundation of their existence. Photo: humedica

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