Second medical team in Bangladesh: there are areas still unreached

by Dr. Anja Fröhlich/Michal Becker/SRI,  2009/06/27

Meanwhile, we have almost finished our work in the areas hit by the cyclone. Compared to the first team the number of seriously threatened people has decreased, yet the number of people with diseases caused by water pollution is rising.

In sum, the two humedica medial teams have been able to treat over 1000 people in Bangladesh. Photo: humedica/Dr. Anja Fröhlich/Michal Becker

There are still areas that haven’t been provided with medical aid after the devastating cyclone Aida. Some days ago, we arrived at a very remote area which was only to be reached after a 2-hour-motorboat ride and an additional ½ hour by a non-motorized boat.

In this area there are also very few people who are seriously ill. Nevertheless, people suffer strongly from various forms of diarrhoea, skin diseases and bronchial infections. The patients there have lost all their possessions due to the cyclone and some of them continue to live on the still intact dams.

The former villages have completely disappeared and the fields are still flooded. The reconstruction of the dams can only begin in October, at the end of the rain season.

The high amount of salt in the water threatens to prevent the cultivation of rice during the main planting season that starts in July. The consequences for the already poor people are unforeseeable.

We have been able to treat more than 500 patients. Finally, we worked in the area which had already been visited by the first humedica team.

Many thanks to all friends and donators. Please continue to keep the people in Bangladesh in your thoughts.

Yours sincerely,
Michal Becker and Dr. Anja Fröhlich

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