Niger: The first days of vaccination – Visit from the embassy

by Simone Winneg/Irmgard Harms/SRI,  2009/05/11

Simone Winneg is the coordinator of the humedica-team in Niger. Photo: humedica/Dr. Irmgard Harms

After several days of preparation and worries if the vaccines and syringes would really be delivered in time, today was finally the day that we could start.

Highly motivated, we started our far-reaching vaccination campaign against a meningitis epidemic that has had a firm hold on Niger during the past weeks.

Thanks to the generous support of the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, 150.000 units of meningitis vaccines can be provided in order to vaccinate the population in the region of Kollo, which, year after year, is threatened by this epidemic.

The motto “Get vaccinated – get protected” characterizes our work that is aimed at preventing the spreading of this often fatal infection.

On the occasion of the first official day of the vaccination campaign, we were expecting an important visitor: Helmut Holzheuer, the first secretary of the German Embassy in Niamey, had accepted our invitation and spent some hours observing the work of our humedica-team in Kollo.

People stood in long queues in Larba, a village outside the town of Kollo. Photo: humedica/Simone Winneg

Together with local dignitaries, the prefect, the secretary general of the prefecture, the mayor and the representative of the health office of Kollo, we opened the campaign with vaccinating the first people. They had already been waiting for their chance of this important medical measure since 8 o’clock in the morning.

Visibly pleased and enthusiastic, the first secretary of the German Embassy expressed his appreciation for the progress and activities that can be realized by humedica through the recently built Kollo clinic.

Together with the political representatives of the State and the community of Kollo, he congratulated the team for their good cooperation with the authorities and for the great contribution that is made by humedica to the improvement of health care for the population.

In this period, the team travels to remote villages in order to reach and vaccinate those people who hardly have access to health care otherwise.
Thus, German teams of doctors and local staff are planning to cover the whole district during the two months to come.

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