Official inauguration of the construction of the in-patient ward in Kollo

by Simone Winneg/SRI,  2009/12/04

December 1, 2009 was a great day for the humedica hospital, for the town of Kollo and for me. After the contracts had been signed on November 25, today – only a few days later – we could take part in the official inauguration of the construction site.

All the town’s high officials were present: the prefect, the mayor and a representative of the local health authority. Together with minister Yacouba of our partner organisation HOSANNA INSTITUT DE SAHEL and Mr Baré, the architect, the first official inspection of the construction site was conducted.

The feeling that this day finally had arrived after so many months simply was wonderful! I had been awaiting and hoping for this moment ever since my arrival in August 2008. Together we made a tour around the unfinished building shell and those present asked curious questions concerning the execution and capacity of the building and the future hospital operations.

The building contract for the new hospital ward was also signed by the Prefect of Kollo. Photo: humedica

The visitors showed great interest and enquired about the planned inauguration date of the hospital ward which is to provide enough room for 12 beds. All those responsible understood how urgently this extension to the hospital was needed and together with us they are looking forward to this great day full of hope. Improving the local health infrastructure is a topic close to everyone’s heart; and once more we have been assured of everyone’s unlimited trust and support.

The construction of our hospital will also bring substantial changes to the townscape of Kollo: the prefect is making plans for a new borough which could be located around our hospital.

The highlight of the ceremony was reached when refreshments were served and the inauguration protocol was signed. This document was signed by all those present and it names us as the official principal. On the same evening, preparations were already running at full-speed: concrete mixers and the first load of sand, tubes, shovels, scaffoldings, generators and welders were brought.

For more than one year the hospital in Kollo has been operating with patients and medical staff being the only ones to access the property; but today was the beginning of a new phase: masons, glaziers, carpenters, plumbers and electricians will work wall to wall with our medical teams.

As a matter of fact medical care for our patients will remain the focus of our work also during the construction phase. The dry and cold (if you can refer to temperatures of 17 degrees at night and 33 degrees during the day as being cold) season has set in and the strong Harmattan winds are carrying many infectious diseases to us.

Although the situation has substantially improved after the end of the wet season, malaria still constitutes health risk number one to the population. Sadly, we were forced to watch the terrible consequences of cerebral malaria at our very hospital.

A four year-old boy was only taken to our hospital after being ill for five days and his disease pattern had already developed to a state so serious that even our care and all our efforts were in vain and we were unable to save him.

The sad fate of little Samane once again demonstrated the need for the new in-patient ward and is one of the reasons for this day to be so special; this is a large step towards the realisation of our highly important project.

On behalf of all patients and colleagues, I would like to thank the donors and sponsors who have made the building of this hospital ward possible and I would like to appeal to them to continue supporting our work by means of their donations. Thank you.

Kind regards,
Simone Winneg

humedica would like to ask all friends and sponsors, as well as visitors of this page to continue their generous support of our important work in Niger by means of a targeted donation.
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You can also donate online by clicking on the following link: Emergency Relief Niger. Thank you very much for any kind of support.

Many representatives of the public were present at the festive inauguration of the construction site. Photo: humedica

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