Philippines: New medical team in disaster area

by Nils Stilke/SRI, 2009/10/27

After the devastating rainstorms that included several cyclones at the beginning of October, there is no rest for the people in the Philippines. The situation is still very tense for almost all the people affected: infrastructure and general supplies are still far from being completely restored.

Some days ago, the northern peak of the Philippines was again hit by a severe cyclone. It is rarely possible to foresee exactly how a storm will develop.

Since cyclones in this region often circle above the ocean for a long time, there is a permanent danger of the storms carrying large amounts of water with them and developing into super cyclones with particularly heavy rainstorms.

The extent of the damage in and around Manila is immense. Foto: humedica/Nils Stilke

Together with the German humedica-doctor Silvia Brims-Koponen and further medical teams of the partner organization Operation Blessing, we provide medical aid and relief supplies to the people living in remote, poor regions affected by the cyclone.

Our coordinator Nils Stilke reports: “While I am recording the appalling damage in the fishing village of Alaska in the province of Barangay/La Union with my camera, several children come along and show me the ruins of their destroyed houses.

A few steps away, we are setting up our mobile clinic in two classrooms of the local school. There are no lessons in these days. Several classrooms have been levelled to the ground, destroyed by enormous waves coming in from the nearby sea.

More than 600 patients, most of them children who are wearing patched remains of clothes, are patiently queuing in long lines, waiting for medical treatment. We see undernourished babies and children, teeth damaged by caries, infected cut wounds and cold-like diseases.

With every medicine and bandage, every helping touch, every smile and conversation – even if short – we want to give hope to these exhausted people, offer them love in times of need and tell them: You are precious and you haven’t been forgotten.

Saying goodbye often ends in a hearty embrace. While people in the village are waving behind us, I am deeply moved and, at the same time, filled with a deep sense of peace. For a moment, I am wondering if I will meet these wonderful people again one day?"

Note: Nils Stilke is going to keep us up to date about the humedica aid project in the Philippines. Please visit us again! And please support our targeted work in the Philippines.

Our medical teams are dependant on every single donation in order to continue their work:

       Reference „Flood aid Philippines
       Account 47 47
       Bank code 734 500 00
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or donate online via the following link.

All the humedica volunteers, like the physician Silvia Brims-Koponen are doing excellent work for people in need. Foto: humedica/Nils Stilke

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