New laboratory enables specific treatment instead of "broadband-therapy"

by Simone Wennig/ RBU,  2009/09/08

For the diagnosis of diseases, comprehensive tests are indispensable. Having to transport the patient’s samples to far-away laboratories in order to make a clear diagnosis, however, entails a loss of time that can be life-threatening. Thanks to humedica, the hospital in Kollo (Niger) has been able, for some weeks now, to carry out the necessary tests in its own laboratory.

For six months, the humedica-clinic in Kollo has had its doors open and has already given medical treatment to more than 7000 people. The patients, of whom more than one third are children under five years, are plagued, above all, with Malaria, skin diseases, respiratory infections and digestive disorders.

The new laboratory in the humedica-clinic in Kollo offers specific diagnostics. Foto: humedica/Simone Winneg

Besides special laboratory tests in which the malaria-parasite can be visualized using a microscope, urine and stool examinations, as well as HIV-testing, are of great importance.

So far, the possibilities of the physicians had been limited; complicated tests had not been possible, and both foreign doctors and local physicians, when treating difficult cases, had to act intuitively and rely on their experience.

Often, due to the lack of laboratory findings, drugs with a broad spectrum of activity were given instead of specific medical treatment.

For some weeks now, a fully-equipped laboratory has expanded the possibilities of the clinic. Equipped with numerous instruments, the local laboratory assistant can now carry out tests on site that allow to specify medical measures.

Now, it is no longer necessary to cover the great distance to Niamey in order to make a reliable diagnosis of diseases like typhoid or syphilis that occur frequently in Niger, or test for the rheumatoid factor.

Above all, the new laboratory constitutes a relief for mothers with their children, who do not have the possibilities to travel to the capital for the necessary examinations and, apart from that, could not afford the fees for such tests in a private laboratory.

For large parts of the population in the region of Kollo, the humedica-clinic in Kollo finally offers the possibility of obtaining specific diagnoses. For the physicians, the new laboratory means better treatment.

On behalf of the patients and the clinic staff, Simone Winneg would like to give sincere thanks to all donors of humedica who have made all this possible.

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