Namibia: Project-conclusion after three months of intense work and adventure

by Janika Simon,  2009/06/26

After three months of intense work and adventure, the humedica team in Namibia has been able to successfully conclude the emergency-project in aid of the flood victims in the region of Caprivi. All in all, 16.000 people have received specific support.

The past rain season had led to heavy floods in several countries of southern Africa. In Namibia, the north of the country had been most severely affected by the flooding.

humedica has been able to present about 16.000 people with different kinds of relief supplies. Photo: humedica/Janika Simon

In April, humedica had been able to launch an aid project for the flood victims thanks to the support of the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany. Thousands of people had lost their homes, animals and fields in large masses of water. Still today, many of them are living in makeshift camps, where living conditions are poor.

Others had been able to remain in their villages, which, however, had been surrounded by water. Numerous impassable roads had cut people off from any direct access to towns, schools and clinics.

There had been a lack of daily necessities like food, sanitary articles, blankets or mosquito nets, which are absolutely essential in this region that is strongly affected by Malaria.

Over a period of three months, a team of two humedica staff members and a partner from South Africa coordinated all aid measures that were carried out in the country. Relief supplies including tarpaulins, blankets, mosquito nets, soap, water disinfection tablets, water containers as well as food were distributed to about 3200 families.

Often, distributions represented a logistic challenge for our team. Especially the transport of relief supplies proved difficult.

Many people could only be reached by boat and in some cases, transport was only possible by using traditional “mokoros”, small wooden canoes. Spectacular incidents with broken tyres and stuck trucks were part of everyday work.

After the conclusion of the project, however, we can say with certainty that the efforts have been worth it. Behind us, we left grateful, happy people who look to the future with hope. humedica would like to express its gratitude to all the people who contributed to our work with specific donations and to the Federal Foreign Office of Germany for their continuous support and collaboration!

Conclusion of a successful project: In spite of their losses, many people can now look to the future with confidence. Photo: humedica/Janika Simon

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