Namibia floods: humedica helps in the north of the country – new hope for people in a forgotten disaster

by Janika Simon/SRI,  2009/04/16

The heavy floods that have been hitting Southern Africa since March have affected thousands of people in various countries. humedica has initiated an emergency aid project with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office.

Some villages have been cut off from the outside world by the floods. People are waiting for help. Foto: humedica/Janika Simon

In the north-eastern region of Caprivi, named after the German Reich Chancellor Count Leo von Caprivi, entire villages have been submerged, roads flooded and thousands of people relocated to make-shift camps.

At the moment, the humedica team is active in the disaster region with procuring relief supplies. The first shipments have already arrived. The relief items that now need to be distributed as rapidly as possible range from tarpaulins, blankets and mosquito nets to hygiene articles such as soap, water cans and water purification tablets as well as food provisions.

Some of these goods are also useful beyond the current emergency situation. After the waters recede the families will return to their villages and make a new start for which some of the items distributed by humedica can be of service to them.

Florenzia lost her hut and most of her already humble belongings. Foto: humedica/Janika Simon

By means of several situation assessments in the region, the two coordinators have identified, together with local partners, a number of villages that have up to now not received any relief supplies, because they had been cut off by the floods and can only be reached by boat. The people in these settlements are now also supported by humedica.

In one of these villages, the humedica team came across Florenzia, the only one to remain in the village, together with her son. All the other villagers have been relocated to the camps provided by the government. Florenzia has stayed put, even though her hut and with it her livelihood has been swept away by the flood waters.

Florenzia's is the sad story of many people in the north of the former German colony of South-West Africa (today's Namibia). For weeks now they have been facing a disaster, that has been largely ignored by the world.

humedica ask all friends, sponsors, patrons and visitors of this website to make a donation. Please give us the possibility to realise and extend the planned aid. The people in this badly affected region depend on your support.

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You can also donate online. Please follow this link:
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Thank you very much for any kind of support.

Distributing relief supplies in the flooded region. Foto: humedica/Janika Simon

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