Namibia: 1400 families are being cared for – help is under way

by Janika Simon/SRI,  2009/05/12

In Namibia, the distribution of relief goods by humedica is under way in the north-eastern region of Caprivi. Still, the consequences of the flooding can be seen everywhere.

Our team has already been able to distribute food, mosquito nets, containers with drinking water and tablets for water disinfection, as well as other urgently needed goods to more than 1400 families.

About 1400 greatly affected families have already been provided with relief supplies and many more families are to receive help. Photo: humedica/Janika Simon

The situation is alarming. Still, numerous people affected by the heavy floodings of this year’s rainy season are without help. Therefore, humedica has initiated distributions especially for those households that haven’t received any support so far.

Since much land has been destroyed by large amounts of water, many people have lost the foundation of their existence. Moreover, some huts have been flooded completely, animals drowned. Thousands of people are living in makeshift reception camps.

Thanks to humedica’s distributions, each family receives food for a month as well as further everyday necessities. Water containers and tablets for water disinfection are particularly essential for disease prevention.

The transport of the relief supplies is posing a real challenge to humedica’s team on site. Since many roads are submerged, organizing distributions often turns out to be difficult.

Often, almost impassable bush roads have to be used to reach certain places. Some of the flooded villages are not even accessible by boat since motor-boats are not suitable because of varying water depths.

Therefore, distributions are frequently carried out at central locations where people gather to receive supplies that they then transport to their homes with small wooden boats. Gratitude for our support is tremendous.

humedica is asking you for donations especially made for people in Namibia so that further help can be provided. People in this region that have been greatly-affected by flooding and destruction are dependent on our support.

humedica e. V.
Reference "Help for flood-victims in Namibia"
Account 47 47
Bank code 734 500 00
Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

For online donations please use the following link:
Help for flood-victims in Namibia.

Thank you very much for supporting us in any way.

Gratitude is deep with people in Namibia, something that is also experienced by coordinator Gerhard Braunmiller. Photo: humedica/Janika Simon

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