Myanmar after “Nargis”: plans for reconstruction of a children’s home

by sha,  2009/08/31

Time seems to stand still in the region of Pyapon in the delta of Myanmar. Even one and a half year after the devastating cyclone “Nargis”, the conditions in many villages still are disastrous.

General supply with basic food and drugs is not guaranteed. And the numerous children who have been orphaned or lost one parent due to the cyclone are the ones who suffer most from this desperate situation.

Besides the consequences of the cyclone, Myanmar is also struggling with crises regarding its domestic policy and this also influences the work of relief organisations.

In cooperation with a local church congretation, humedica is supporting a children’s home and is planning the reconstruction of a children’s home for 105 orphans over the next few months.

Many children are still sleeping curled up next to the food stocks. Photo: humedica/M.W.

Our German partner who is in charge of coordinating the implementation of our relief aid in Myanmar has been committed in the Pacific Asian region for 38 years and at the same time she is the initiator of this project. Thanks to her experience and knowledge about country and culture as well as to her local contacts, our work proceeds mostly without any difficulties.

The terrible cyclone “Nargis” brought death and devastation to the people in Myanmar and took with it any hope for a better future. Reading the facts* about this terrible storm is like reading a war report: 140,000 casualties, about 2.4 million people are directly affected in the form of devastation or loss of family members.

According to estimates, the health care system, which had already been limited, has lost up to 75 percent of its efficiency. 450,000 houses have been destroyed and another 350,000 damaged.

600,000 hectares of cultivation area have been destroyed by the floods which followed the storm; crop shortfalls could not be compensated for. Agricultural machines and devices and food stocks were lost in the floods, about half of the livestock held for agricultural reasons drowned.

humedica is committed in the region of Pyapon, where about 240,000 people are still affected to a large degree by the consequences of the cyclone.

We would like to ask you, dear readers, friends and sponsors, to support this project in Myanmar by means of your targeted donations and to help the children overcome their terrible past and look ahead to a better future.
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You can also donate online by clicking on the following link: Myanmar.
Thank you very much for any kind of support!

We would like to ask for your understanding regarding the fact that we have to be very careful with mentioning the names of particular locations or persons due to the circumstances in Myanmar. If you have any questions or queries regarding this project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Source: IASC/UN

The children of the orphanage hope that the building will be reconstructed. Photo: humedica/M. W.

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