Mobile medical team at the clinic of Mount Mellary ready for action again - first field trip demonstrates urgency of campaign

by sha, 2009/08/28

Patients waiting patiently to be treated. Photo: humedica

The mobile medical team at the Mount Mellary clinic can finally resume the treatment of patients in remote areas. For some time, the vehicles necessary for these trips had been standing still. Spare parts were missing and, apart from that, the clinic would not have been able to cover the costs of repair. humedica found a solution together with the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

The repair of the vehicles is very important for the “outreach activities” of the medical team. Without the opportunity of being mobile it is not possible for the team to provide medical care for people in villages and areas that are not within reach of the clinic otherwise.

Many sick people put up with day-long marches in order to receive medical treatment at the places where it is offered. Now, our physicians are able to resume their work in remote areas.

On their first field trip, a team of five already treated 1.000 patients. This shows how urgently help is needed, especially in remote areas.

Welcome to the humedica-"surgery" in Simbabwe. Photo: humedica

The primary goal of the “outreach activities” is the preventive medical examination of children under five years of age: controls of weight and growth are made, their state of nutrition is tested as well as their general state of health and vaccinations and treatment is given when necessary. In addition, the team does informative work among parents and raises their awareness of medical and hygiene issues.

Of course, not only children were treated during the trips, but all the patients waiting. The most frequent diagnoses were helminthosis (worm attacks), respiratory infections, malaria and skin diseases.

The medical teams are glad that the times of waiting are over and that the necessary cars have been repaired so that they can also help people in the areas that are difficult to access. The rural population is deeply grateful for the commitment of the Mount Mellary teams.

Now we would like to kindly ask you, our friends and supporters, to support our far-reaching commitment in Zimbabwe by means of targeted donations.

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or donate online via the following link: Zimbabwe.
Thank you very much for any kind of support.

Infants are weighed. Photo: humedica

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