Lower Saxon Landtag honours humedica-volunteers

by SRI,  2009/12/10

Recently, the Landtag (state parliament) of Lower Saxony has been the first German state parliament to honour aid workers who had participated in reconstruction work in troubled regions, among them also some humedica volunteers.

The ceremony took place recently in the Landtag of Lower Saxony. Foto: NDR Archiv

Uwe Schünemann (CDU), Minister of the Interior of Lower Saxony, acknowledged the volunteers’ courageous commitment in Afghanistan and on the Balkans: "They are excellent ambassadors of our country." According to the minister, these men and women rendered an inestimable humanitarian service.

Among the people honoured were the humedica doctors Dr. Renate Papke, Dr. Wolfgang Riske and Dr. Ulrich Seemann as well as representatives of the state and federal police, the Technisches Hilfwerk (Agency for Technical Relief), the GTZ (German Agency for Technical Cooperation), the Forum ziviler Friendensdienst (Forum Civil Peace Service) and the associations Katachel e.V. and Kinder brauchen uns e.V. (Children need us e.V.).

Hermann Dinkla (CDU), president of the Lower Saxon Landtag (state parliament) said that the civil reconstruction workers and police forces were of great significance in the conflict regions of the globe since they contributed to an improvement of the living conditions and the security of the people living there.

Besides the three doctors from Lower Saxony, humedica executive director Wolfgang Groß had also been invited to Hannover by president Dinkla as official representative of the organization.

As a team, we are very pleased about the award by the Loxer Saxon Landtag and would like to use the opportunity to once again express our gratitude to all voluntary helpers from Lower Saxony, the rest of Germany and beyond: Thank you for your commitment!

An article (in German) about the ceremony in the Landtag of Lower Saxony can be found on the following link: Homepage des Norddeutschen Rundfunks (NDR). (Photo: Archiv NDR)

Group photo in front of the Lower Saxon Landtag: Minister of the Interior Schünemann (on the left) and president of the Landtag Hermann Dinkla (first row, on the far right). The humedica members are easily recognizable in their red vests. Foto: privat

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