Kick-Off event in the town hall for „Kaufbeurer helfen Afrika“

by Ruth Bücker,  2009/10/23

On Monday, 10th October, the Lord Mayor of Kaufbeuren, Stefan Bosse, had arranged a kick-off event for the campaign „Kaufbeurer helfen Afrika“ („Citizens of Kaufbeuren help Africa“). Among others, Wolfgang Groß had been invited to the meeting as representative of humedica.

On the occasion of the football-world championship 2006 in Germany, Dr. Igor Wetzel had launched the fund-raising campaign „Wangen helps Togo“ (annotation: Wangen is a town in the Western Allgäu, Baden-Württemberg, South Germany). The inhabitants of Wangen had been called on to raise funds for children in the African country of Togo by organizing several events and thus making necessary operations possible for the children.

Kick off event for „Kaufbeurer helfen Afrika“ (from left to right): Town mentor Franz „Bulle“ Roth, town coordinator Rudi Schnippe, Lord Mayor Stefan Bosse, Dr. Igor Wetzel and town mentor Dieter „Didi“ Hegen. Foto: humedica/Steffen Richter

The campaign was a complete success. In consequence, the association „Wir helfen Afrika e.V.“ (“We help Africa“), was founded on the occasion of the coming world championship in 2010. Meanwhile, the association has initiated the following project: 32 German cities are getting connected with 32 soccer teams that will take part in the world cup. Each of these cities is supposed to raise at least 8.000 Euros out of fundraising events and donations. The money raised by each city will then be used for the operation of one seriously ill African child.

Thus, 32 children will be operated on for a start, some of them on board the „MS Africa Mercy“, the hospital ship of the aid agency Mercy Ships, whose German headquarters is in Kaufbeuren.

Donations that exceed the limit of 8.000 Euros, will be saved in Kaufbeuren and used for the benefit of other projects in Africa. The Lord Mayor pointed out that Kaufbeuren is particulary suitable for taking part in the project for the reason that there already exist some organisations and projects which are committed to supporting people in African countries.

Wolfgang Groß, executive director of humedica and chairman of Mercy Ships Deutschland, presented the two aid organizations. Foto: humedica/Steffen Richter

Among them are, besides humedica, the aid organization Mercy Ships Deutschland, the association ZimRelief, the Fair Trade Shop Kaufbeuren and the association „Tanten für Tansania“ („Aunts for Tanzania“). Furthermore, several Kaufbeurener schools (Marien-Gymnasium, Gustav-Leutelt-Schule, Volksschule Hirschzell) have twin schools in Benin which could also benefit from the funds raised.

Besides Stefan Bosse and Dr. Igor Wetzel, Rudolf Schnippe, Kaufbeuren’s town coordinator, also rose to speak. He explained how the money can be raised through fundraising campaigns in companies, during charity events organized by associations and similar activities.

A great benefit gala will take place on the 17th of December 2009 in the civic hall under the motto „South Africa“ as well as Slovakia, the home country of Kaufbeuren’s partner football team.

Apart from that, the project „Kaufbeurer helfen Afrika“ will receive support from prominent town mentor Dieter „Didi“ Hegen (ice-hockey legend) and Franz „Bulle“ Roth (former football star).

We are counting on the support of many citizens of Kaufbeuren – not only football fans – and excitedly looking forward to what is to come.
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