India: As a volunteer at the Duncan-Hospital - Dr. Wingelmann takes preliminary stock

by Dr. Elisabeth Wingelmann/SRI, 2009/01/29

Dr. Elisabeth Wingelmann had taken six months off in order to do volunteer work in one of the biggest countries in the world. Taking stock at half time, after three months, she can confirm that there is more than enough work to do in India. A lot of work for people in need. A report from the Duncan-Hospital in Raxaul.

Dr. Elisabeth Wingelmann is staying at the Duncan-Hospital for half a year. Photo: humedica

"Dear humedica co-workers in Kaufbeuren, dear friends and patrons, dear sponsors,

first of all, I would like to send you warm greetings from the Duncan-Hospital in Raxaul and wish you all the best, good health, success and joy for your work for 2009.

My first three months of working as a doctor here at the Duncan-Hospital in Raxaul are already over, and I can look back happy and content and, at the same time, looking forward to the next three months with equal confidence.

On arrival here, I met with a very warm reception and I settled in quickly, so that already after a few days I was able to join the team in the operating theatre. Since October then I have been working full hours, both as a surgeon and a gynacologist.

The patients here in Bihar come from far and near, even from Nepal. Many are seriously ill. In surgery I had to deal mainly with operations in the abdominal region (gastro-intestinal conditions, appendicitis, hernia, as well as laparatomies after shot and knife wounds and accidents).

During the first three months Dr. Wingelmann performed already 163 caesarian-sections. Photo: humedica

Cholecysectomies (gall bladder operations) and appendicectomies (appendix operations) are also conducted laparoscopically. In gynocology and obstetrics patients are admitted by the hour. Every day, there are up to 15 normal births and up to 6 caesarian-sections.

Removals of the uterus and the ovaries are frequently performed by the surgeon here, since the gynocologist often has to treat and process the new arrivals, leaving him little time for other duties.

Since my arrival in October I was able to perform among other things already 163 caesarian-sections, and I hope that in the coming months I will have the opportunity to continue to see and welcome more newborns.

I would also like to mention that all my fellow doctors here, as well as the nurses in the OT and in the hospital's wards are very friendly, helpful and accomodating.

The weather here is, at the beginning of the year, misty and cool, with temperature of 16 degrees Celsius during the day, comparable with late autumn in Germany. February and March are expected to be warmer and sunnier again.

I would like to wish you all the best for the weeks and months to come.

Warm regards,
Dr. Elisabeth Wingelmann."

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