Office area within humedica storage building increases capacities of headquarters

by Sven Hagemeyer,  2009/08/12

The extension of the office area within the Frommknecht-building is progressing fast and, within some weeks, will increase the capacities of the humedica-headquarters noticeably. The departments of Fundraising and Public Relations will then move into the new rooms.

Entrance to the new office area on the left and adjoining storage building behind. Photo: humedica/sha

While the new storage building has already been filled with relief goods waiting to be transported to disaster areas, the drywallers will conclude their work in the new office area within some days. The new offices are directly in front of the actual storage building.

The next steps in construction will be the installation of the heating system as well as the laying of the floors. Afterwards, the installation of sanitary facilities will begin.

The extension of the humedica-headquarters could only be realized thanks to the inheritance left by the late Mr. and Mrs. Frommknecht whom the building has been named after, and to numerous donations in kind.

Additionally, the roof surfaces of the humedica-headquarters have been leased out to the Alpensolar company who is also a supporter of our clinic-project in Kollo.

The humedica-team wants to profit from the occasion to express its heartfelt gratitude for any kind of help during the construction works, whether it was in the form of private donations, donations in kind or voluntary work.

We will keep you up to date about the further progress and conclusion of the construction works. Please visit us again!

Front view of the new Frommknecht-building in front of the humedica-headquarters in Kaufbeuren. Photo: humedica/sha

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