After urgent appeal for help: humedica delivers medicines to Ukraine

by Ruth Bücker/ SRI,  2009/11/02

In Ukraine, almost 70 people so far have died from different forms of influenza, more than 191.000 got infected. The proportion of infections with the so-called “swine-flu” contained in these statistics is unclear. What is for certain, however, is that the Ukrainian population needs help.

Ukrainian children wear face masks while playing, kindergartens and schools have already been closed. Foto: Reuters/Gleb Garanich

Because of the high infection rate and an insufficient supply of medicine, Ukrainian president Viktor Juschtschenko appealed for international help in fighting the fast-spreading wave of influenza.

The country is in no way prepared for such an epidemic, people are panic-buying in pharmacies for the last stocks of swine flu medication. In many places, signs have been put on the doors saying that the stock is totally sold out.

In the western part of the country, the situation is particularly critical according to what was reported to Scandinavian Children´s Mission, humedica’s partner organization, by Ukrainian government circles. Help is urgently needed and the import of medication will be supported by Ukrainian authorities, so that there will be no delay in reaching the most severely-affected regions.

Whether swine flu or common seasonal flu, the people affected need specific medical treatment. Tomorrow (Tuesday) humedica will begin with packing medications worth 25.000 Euros in order to deliver them to the Ukrainian province of Volyn by the end of this week.

The Ukrainian population fears the infection with the so-called „swine flu“. Foto: Reuters/ Stringer/Russia

With the medication, flu symptoms like fever, aching joints and muscles and headaches will be treated in children’s wards and special infection wards established for that purpose.

It is planned to continue the aid delivery promptly, in cooperation with Scandinavian Children’s Mission. In order to ensure this vital aid, humedica is dependant on your support in the form of targeted donations. Please make your donation by filling in our online-donation form or by making a bank transfer to the following account:

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Thank you very much for every kind of support. We will keep you up to date on our homepage.

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