Haiti: New perspective for life for the victims of the hurricanes

by Judith Kühl,  2009/03/04

After the strong hurricanes that hit Haiti in summer 2008, we are still running urgently needed relief projects. Since January 2009, Emmanuel International, humedica’s local cooperation partner, has been carrying out special construction projects in our name in order to give families new homes. In the meantime the first houses have been finished.

Many houses did not withstand floods and storms. Photo: humedica

The series of hurricanes of the past year deprived thousands of Haitians of the few possessions they had owned. This circumstance contributed to an extreme aggravation of the population’s already miserable situation.

Due to political and economic reasons the country, which is among the poorest countries of the world, had already depended on external help before the hurricane season 2008.

As early as in June 2008, humedica had made plans to offer the Haitians some relief from their misery together with the partner organisation Emmanuel International. In summer, the first emergency missions were carried out by medical staff of humedica.

humedica supported people on the Caribbean island already in summer 2008. Photo: humedica

Since the beginning of 2009 and with the help of humedica, Emmanuel International has been offering help in those regions of the island which have been affected worst. At first, it was important to ensure basic provision with food and relief goods. Women and children in particular depended on this help.

Afterwards, construction projects were launched in order to build or rebuild houses. When constructing the houses we take care to build them in a way that they will withstand the next hurricane season.

Unfortunately, the disastrous conditions in the country continuously complicate this project work. Some of the victims of the hurricanes have not only lost their possessions; their whole property and land disappeared in a hole caused by the storms. Emmanuel International helps those affected to buy new land and takes over negotiations with the land owners.

Seeing a well-built house gives new hope. Photo: humedica

Also the current economic crisis complicates the project. Unplanned delays of construction works are caused by inflation and scarcity of goods.

Nevertheless, the first five houses in Cabaret are almost finished. The families happily move in. Every house is of an appropriate size. Since they are built with typical local building materials, they can be compared to the surrounding houses in the region.

Over the next few weeks, construction measures for further houses will be continued at another place. The project is to be concluded by the end of April.

Providing people in Haiti with basic goods is still essential. By means of their work, humedica and Emmanuel International provide people with a new stability and a new perspective for their lives.

We would also like to ask you to contribute to our support for these people by means of a targeted donation. Thank you very much!

Women and children in particular depend on our support. Photo: humedica

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