Great anniversary weekend: international celebration with many visitors

by SRI,  2009/07/20

Admittedly, on humedica’s anniversary weekend we were not blessed with the best weather, yet we were blessed with international flair, many visitors, and a lively and friendly atmosphere. Apart from that, we agree with the ambassador of the Republic of Benin, His Excellency Mr. Isidore Bio and his interpretation of the rain: “Heaven sends us rain in order to bless humedica!”

About 300 visitors came to humedica’s Open House on Saturday. In the picture (from left to right): the mayor of Kaufbeuren, Stefan Bosse, and the district administrator of the Eastern Allgäu, Johann Fleschhut. Photo: humedica

Eventful days lie behind people at Goldstraße 8, days that were filled with many visitors, much organizing and work, great joy and gratitude.

The humedica headquarters were already bustling with activity during the days before the anniversary. The biannual humedica leadership meeting of project leaders from all over the world had spontaneously been rearranged for the anniversary week, so that an international atmosphere was created even before the official celebration started.

Then Friday arrived and, with the beginning of the weekend, the humedica-festivities finally started. In spite of the rather cold and unsettled weather, about 80 visitors came to Neugablonz already on Friday in order to participate in the various offers of the Open House or simply enjoy being together.

Friday and also Saturday were characterized by short presentations held by interesting persons about humedica’s everyday work ranging from workshops and visits in prison to projects in Sudan, Brazil or Sri Lanka. After visitors had already shown much interest on Friday, humedica faced a real rush of visitors on Saturday.

Guided tours around the humedica premises were very popular with guests. Photo: humedica

The fact that more than 300 persons were counted over the course of the day shows, once again, how much humedica is appreciated in the region. This was also confirmed by our prominent guests who took part in the official anniversary ceremony on Saturday evening.

“We are proud of humedica and of the fact that they carry help from the Allgäu out into the world”, said district administrator Johann Fleschhut during his short address. And Stefan Bosse, the mayor of Kaufbeuren, added: “The spot where humedica’s headquarters are situated is a very symbolic one – for a long time there had been a ammunitions factory; now, from this place, help is delivered to people in need.”

Many guests had come to enrich the celebration that lasted more than two hours with their greetings: Their Excellencies Mr. Bio and Mr. Saget - the ambassadors of Benin and Haiti; Mr. Kurt Rossmanith, Member of the German Parliament; Mr. Olney Botelho, Member of the Parliament of Rio de Janeiro; the city councilman Mr. Edson Flavio Coelho from the Brazilian city of Nova Friburgo; as well as mayors and district councilmen from municipalities in the surroundings of Kaufbeuren and – not to forget – many delegations from humedica’s project countries.

It has been a colourful, varied celebration, in which the character and qualities of humedica were reflected almost perfectly: hospitable warmth, a good community, clear aims for its work and a strong, international team. In the big marquee, about 120 visitors listened patiently to each of the congratulators, who sometimes expressed their greetings in up to three languages.

A varied offer for young and old: At this stand, visitors had to guess different languages of the world. Photo: humedica

On Sunday morning, the anniversary festivities were concluded with a joyous worship service ministered by Pastor Jürgen Fredrich (Immanuel church Neugablonz). Apart from the official anniversary programme there was a further highlight awaiting the international guests: They were invited by Mayor Stefan Bosse to a special tribune in Kaufbeuren from where they enjoyed watching about 1600 children dressed up in medieval costumes participating in the Tänzelfest (medieval town festival) parade.

For our visitors from South America, Africa and Asia this event will be a memory to treasure for years. Two days before, on a tour round the Allgäu, they had already got to know the beauty and attractions of humedica’s home region.

Exciting days lie behind us. “Looking back is beautiful but would be a wrong signal”, said humedica executive director Wolfgang Groß in his festive speech. ”We look to the future and look forward to tasks and challenges that are to come.

At this point, there is only one thing left to do: say thank you! Thank you to all guests, friends and supporters. A lot of you have already supported us for years. It gave us great pleasure to welcome you as our guests!

Thank you very much to the numerous volunteers for your tireless commitment. Thank you to all partner organisations, institutional donors, companies and exhibitors involved in the festival weekend. Thank you to all media representatives in Bavaria and elsewhere who report on humedica’s work and identify strongly with it.

Thank you very much to all staff members at the headquarters with a special thank you to the organisational team led by Petra Berwanger and Joachim Panhans. We really hope that you enjoyed your visit at the humedica headquarters and would like to kindly ask you to continue supporting us in the future. Thanks you so much for everything.

Please continue visiting our homepage: more pictures of the anniversary weekend will be published.

Two young men and a great deal of enthusiasm: 30 years later, Dieter and Wolfgang Groß get together to celebrate the birthday of a good idea. Photo: humedica

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