From autumn into spring: Woman from Berlin going to fly to Zimbabwe with humedica

by Ruth Bücker, 2009/10/23

She has only been back in Germany for a year – and again, development worker Karin Uckrow is longing for faraway. This Friday evening she is going to fly to Harare (Zimbabwe) to work there with humedica during the next four months.

Karin can draw upon several years of experience in Zimbabwe, experience that will now benefit humedica. Foto: humedica/Steffen Richter

Karin Uckrow already worked in Zimbabwe for four and a half years and returned to Germany at the end of 2008. After having spent one year in the capital of Germany, she wants to go abroad again. With humedica, she is going to fly to Zimbabwe and coordinate the distribution of relief items which is being supported by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

During her long stay in Zimbabwe, the 42-year-old woman already gained deep insights into the situation of the country’s destitute population: medical care, if available at all, is often insufficient, the AIDS-death toll is high. Many people suffer from hunger and the political situation is very tense.

In spite of this, Karin is looking forward to returning to Zimbabwe, looking forward to meeting friends again, enjoying the atmosphere of this beautiful country and seeing what has changed during the past year.

Working with humedica for the first time, she is excited about her new work and looking forward to doing something meaningful with immediately visible results, even if doing this kind of work also entails recognizing one’s own limits, as Karin has already experienced.

Her impressive calmness of mind will give her strength and courage, also for the months to come. „I’m looking forward to seeing the immediate success that is visible when you distribute vital goods like, for instance, medicine.“

Karin at the headquarters before her departure for Zimbabwe. Foto: humedica/Steffen Richter

Again and again, Karin is delighted and compensated for her hard work by the optimism, serenity and positive attitude towards life that is radiated by Zimbabwean people. “Most time, the worry lines on my forehead were much deeper than those of the local people, although it is them who are having a hard time”, the development worker tells us.

Dear Karin, we wish you all the best for the journey and God’s blessing in your work.

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