Dialysis in Benin – chief physician Professor Dr. Stiegler from Kaufbeuren going to travel to Africa for aid mission

by MBA/SRI, 2009/06/10

If a person’s kidneys no longer work sufficiently, dialysis becomes a treatment of vital importance. In cooperation with humedica, chief physician Professor Dr. med. Heinrich Stiegler from the hospital of Kaufbeuren is going to fly to the African Republic of Benin for one week on June 14th.

The purpose of his journey is to carry out vital “shunt operations” within the country and to train local staff for future dialysis-treatment.

Preparations for Professor Stiegler’s aid operation were already made when humedica managing director Wolfgang Groß visited Benin in March 2009. Photo: humedica

When the diagnosis is “renal failure/renal insufficiency” the kidneys are no longer able to remove toxic substances from the human body. Dialysis becomes necessary. In order to be able to filter the blood and return the purified blood to the patient, a “shunt” is implanted.

This medical intervention requests extensive expert knowledge and the necessary micro-surgical instruments. Meeting these requirements is difficult in Benin.

With the aim of implanting „shunts“ to some patients himself and instructing two local surgeons how to carry out the operation, Professor Stiegler is going to fly to Benin with humedica from June 14th to 21st.

He is an expert in the field of vascular surgery and chief physician at the Department of General, Visceral and Vascular Surgery at the hospital of Kaufbeuren.

Several medicines and special medical instruments for the micro-surgical operation will be part of his luggage. These donations in kind were received by humedica in advance. The project is supported by the local organisation Oredola e. V. and will be realized at the CNHU-Hospital in Cotonou, the biggest city in Benin.

humedica is appealing for donations in order to provide this important help in Benin.

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Donations can also be made online for the project in Benin. Thank you very much for supporting us in any way.

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