China: Earthquake victims are rebuilding their villages

by Judith Kühl,  2009/03/03

Almost ten months have passed. On May 12, 2008 a terrible earthquake shook the Chinese province of Sichuan. In a matter of seconds families got separated, children became orphans. The 70,000 casualties were clear evidence of the unbelievable extent of the disaster.

For many Europeans this earthquake is already yesterday’s news. Not so, however, for the numerous victims of the earthquake. Thousands of them urgently need new homes, as well as basic supply with water, food, drugs and electricity.

The earthquake on May 12, 2008 destroyed a countless number of houses and left thousands of people homeless. Photo: humedica

Since August, our partner organisation Operation Blessing has been supporting the region with a special project. The completely destroyed infrastructure of five villages is being reconstructed by means of family sponsorships.

Any building measures are being supervised and supported by coordinators of Operation Blessing. humedica has taken over sponsorship for three families.

The aid organisations taking part in the project do not deliver encompassing services, but rather the entire communities with all their families are directly involved in the reconstruction of the villages.

This is a project during which those offering aid and those receiving aid work together hand in hand. Every inhabitant of the village contributes to the reconstruction. Men and women, young and old work together and for each other.

The village community is working together – everyone lends a hand. Photo: humedica

The sponsorships are to ensure the supply with building materials, provisions for the people during the building phase and also professional expert advice.

After more than six months, immense progress is evident. Water supply has been ensured and the newly-built terraced houses for the accommodation of several families are almost finished. The relief project is to be concluded by the middle of March.

Coordinator David Darg of Operation Blessing tells about the current situation in Sichuan in a short video recording:

China Quake Project - The Women of Yaojin from David Darg on Vimeo.
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